Andaman Islands: The land of romance and mystery

Enjoy the beauty and bliss of exotic beaches and around 500 plus beautiful islands by exploring the great Andaman Islands. It is situated in the waters of Bay of Bengal, towards the east side of Indian mainland. Andaman is well connected through air and sea. There are regular flights and ships that are connected to the capital of Andaman, Port Blair.

Andaman is a beautiful and natural escape for people who wish to relax near the beaches spread all over the place. The beaches are in great variety such as the infamous Havelock Island, the Neil Island, the Ross and Smith Island, Guitar Island Beach, the Karmatang Beach, the Raman Bageecha Beach, and many more beaches and beaches.

Andaman is an ideal place for lover to be lost and find bliss in each other’s company. It is a great place for the relaxing summer family outings, where everyone can enjoy and relax. Andaman Tour offers many kinds of activities like Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Under water walk, Jet skiing, Angling, and many more.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Andaman is from October to May.  At that time, the sea is crystal clear and settled for the people to relax nearby the water and enjoy the mind blowing activities inside the water. The time of monsoons is not the apt time of the year to visit Andaman due to the violent and harsh sea conditions.

Transportation: The local transport at Andaman is very user friendly. In most the places, people can hire two wheelers for sightseeing. At the infamous Havelock Island and Neil Island, people can hire bicycles to visit the nearby places of interest. The facility of pre-paid cab service is also available at the Airport and the Mohanpura bus terminus.

Eateries and Restaurants:

There are many reputed and recognized eatery outlets in most of the places in Andaman Island. People can enjoy exotic continental and Indian food cuisines at many restaurants. Seafood is obviously the best option at Islands for the Sea food lovers.

Some of the must visit places:

There are many places to visit and enjoy the great and beautiful landscapes of natural beauty at the Andaman Island. The Havelock Islands are the most visited and the popular places among the list of “must visits”. Some other places include Neil Island, Limestone Caves, Cellular Jail, Marina Park and Aquarium.

Andaman Tour

Now let’s move to the Mini Zoo in Andaman- A feel good visit | Andaman Tour Packages |

Andaman, which is famous for its exotic creatures that you won’t see anywhere else. If you are planning for an Andaman tour, then never miss a chance to explore this place. Even if you are arranging a group Andaman Tour or family tour, this proposed zoo will be a magnificent spot which you will never forget in your life time. This Mini Zoo is located in Port Blair and hence you can have lots of fun by involving in various water sports. Andaman is famous for the adventurous activities both in the land and sea.

Andaman Honeymoon trip – enjoy the breathtaking view of sea with your loved one

If you and your partner are nature lover and adventure lover then Andaman in the best tourist spots for having a perfect honeymoon. Andaman Island is composed of many different small Islands each having its own different beauty. Andaman has a lot to offer you. The turquoise blue water, the white sand beach, the green verge, the chirping birds, sea turtles makes this place a paradise in Heaven. The sumptuous sea foods are ideal for food lovers.


A number of tour operators arrange for Andaman Honeymoon Trip. Choosing the best Andaman tour package is not at all difficult. A honeymoon trip should be such that it gives you a lifelong experience and the main aim of the tour operators should be to help you in making this trip a memorable one. The tour package includes star rated hotel accommodation having all the facilities, pick up and drop facility from the airport or the harbour, sightseeing and as it is honeymoon trip so privacy is the most important part, a personal car with a tour guide should be provided. The tour package should also include all the entry tickets as well as boat trips. Before choosing a tour operator for a honeymoon trips it is very important to have complete knowledge about the tour operator, this can be done by reading reviews as well as posts. Andaman honeymoon trip should only be arranged by experts in this field as this trip should be flawless as it offers memory for lifetime.


If you want to go to some place away from the normal tourist destination that will give you ample space to be with your partner without any disturbances then choose packages that includes some offbeat areas of Andaman. Bharatpur beach in the Neil Island is one such place that is ideal for honeymooning. It offers excellent beach for having sun bath with your loved one. The Island is also known for its coral that can be viewed with the help of glass bottomed boats.You can also indulge in snorkelling as well as scuba diving over here. You and your partner can also indulge in various sports activities that are popular over here. The Raman Bageecha beach at Ranghat is an ideal place for relaxing with your spouse and will also help you to spend quality time of love in the beach with greenery all around. Don’t forget to get the fresh taste of coconut water over here.


Andaman is a dreamland destination for honeymoon. If you want to customize your trip then please share your view as well as requirements with the tour operators so that they can act accordingly. A honeymoon cannot be complete without a perfect candlelit dinner on the beach with pleasant and soothing music at the background. A glass of wine will add to the mood of honeymooning.  Andaman Tour  will offer a fun filled as well as a romantic experience that will force you to come back again and again to get the unbeatable view of Mother Nature.

Why To Choose Andaman As Your Family Tour

Taking a trip with your families rewards you a different kind of pleasure and extraordinary mirth which is far reaching of common ebullience of life and rustic mirth. Watching beautiful attractions and partaking in enthusiastic activities surrounded by your near and dears gives you a lifetime experience. It becomes a nostalgic event for almost all who come to pay a visit to this land. You are sure to get lost in your family world, discovering you in a different cloak.

 andaman tour packages

If you look for a family travel destination to enjoy with your family members in the most systemic yet vibrant ways, I will recommend you to pay a visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Island. It is a perfect travel destination for the people of almost all age groups. For the younger, it is a part of education. For the older, it is a part of an experience. Honeymooners take it as one of the hotspots for singing the song of love and amour in their full-throated ease. A romantic rhapsodist of nature or nature lover takes it a pristine paradise for enjoying heavenly beauty, natural phenomena, wonderful vista, and picturesque landscape. For a family it appears to be an emerald island for sharing pleasure, ebullience and experience.

Andaman tour packages

Make your Andaman Holidays more colourful and interactive by sharing pleasure, ebullience and experience with your near and dear ones. If you know nothing of this Island or not interested in brainstorming about the planning and organizing about the itineraries, there is a way out. You can take the full advantage of Andaman Family Tour Packages offered by many reputable tour planners and organisers in Andaman. If you have any specific need you can get it organized for meeting your purposes exactly. When you come with your family, you become a group of people that allows you to enjoy some significant benefits and relaxation. You can get a discount from flight booking to check out. Besides, you may have the pleasure of having many added services applicable to family package bookers.

Andaman tour packages

If you want, you can indulge in a group tour and involved in some local activities. You can come in contact with many local communities to be acquainted with their culture. If you are lucky enough, you can get a better explanation on the history of this place. This will help you in a better selection of your places and customize your preferred attractions and itineraries in your own ways. You can select the activities to be attended with your family members in their preferred manners in your Andaman Tour.

Andaman tour packages

A right selection of Andaman Family Tour Packages makes your Andaman Trip fruitful and purposeful for each family member irrespective of he or she is a child, a teenager, a youth, a middle-aged person or an old one. Each member can meet their each purpose righteously, as mentioned above (in the second paragraph). This is the quality of a true travel destination and Andaman receives hundred out of hundred for its diverse dimensions.

The Importance of Andaman Family Tour Packages

The stress of hot and dusty weekdays against an urban landscape would make any right-thinking person yearn for some respite amidst wide open spaces. They think them lucky enough when they get a golden chance for spending their vacations amidst the picturesque landscape, wonderful vista, beautiful beaches, and exquisite natural phenomena. If you are a city pent nurturing this in the core of your heart for long days, you can choose Andaman and Nicobar Island for happy and pleasurable vacation spending. Get the best utilizations of your Andaman Holidays by taking a trip in Andaman. You are sure to explore the land into a magic clock.

If you have a few consecutive holidays for 4-5 days, you can pay a visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands with your friends and families. Set out today- if you already have taken the final decision for an Andaman Tour. Don’t waste your time. If you don’t have sufficient time at your disposal to get all things arranged immediately, you can choose one of the Andaman Family Tour Packages offered by a reputable Andaman Tour Planner.

Depending on your needs, you can indulge in a Bespoke Andaman Family Tour Package. To make your travel experience happy, pleasurable and fun-filling, Andaman Tour Promoters will plan, design, organise, control and deliver all exactly in the same way you like to get.

Benefits of Choosing Andaman Family Tour Packages

 This is probably the common question of a vast majority of Andaman travellers interested in spending holidays with their family members.   However, the answer is very simple. As they come in a group, they become eligible for getting many benefits since the time of flying and lading to checking in and getting around till checking out and getting back to their homelands.

Given Bellow Are The Advantages

Discount And Other Facilities 

When these groups of travellers book their flights through a reputable Andaman Travel Agency, they save a significant amount as discounts favoured by the company. Many reputable agencies have a very good league or rapport with the flight companies.  As the consequence of it, the travel agencies receive many facilities and advantages from the flight service providing companies. Customers again receive these benefits from the travel agencies.

Besides, when you ask them to change the interties, they can arrange different transport system. This allows you to get around the main tourist attractions freely with a guarantee of more time spending.

Liberty To Enjoy Specialized Services

This is probably the value added benefits of Andaman Family Tour Packages. To make your Andaman Holidays memorable and colourful, you can ask for some specialized services which are not possible to receive when you come here with one or two persons.’

Save Expenses of Accommodations


When you choose your favourite one from Andaman Family Tour Packages, you start getting all benefits applicable to this. Furthermore, special cares are taken for you. As the consequence of it, can enjoy beautiful accommodation at lower prices and enjoy all modern amenities. Besides, you can afford bigger rooms that give more accommodation facility to spend your leisure time happily and comfortably.

Enjoy Relaxation in Partaking Many Fun Activities

During the time of partaking in fun activities, you can ask the agency to arrange all according to the taste of your each family member. Each member can indulge in their preferred activities whether it is snorkelling, speed boating, skiing, skydiving, jet skiing, undersea walking, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, sport fishing or glass bottom boating.

Happy and Refreshed Family 

Finally, you come back home with a happy, refresh and balanced family for a peaceful living.

Bird Watching in Andaman

Bird Watching Guide Training Programme jointly organised by Forest and Tourism Department is underway. Shri M.S. Negi, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Principal Secretary (E&F) inaugurated the 5days “Bird Watching Guide Training Workshop” jointly organised by the Department of Environment and Forests and Andaman Tourism Department, A&N Administration on 31.05.2016 in presence of Smti. Ankita Mishra Bundela, IAS, Secretary (Tourism), at Mini Zoo Auditorium, Haddo.


Shri M.S. Negi, IFS, PCCF and Principal Secretary (E&F) in his inaugural address, appealed to all the participants to respect the Nature and understand about their surroundings. He underlined the importance of forests, wildlife and environment and the non destructive use of the resources for promoting ecotourism in the wilderness areas of the Islands for enhancing the livelihood options. He mentioned that this training workshop is organized with the objective of promoting Bird Watching in the islands which will pave way for creating more employment opportunities by developing qualified bird watchers to open a new chapter in eco-tourism business For Andaman Tour.

Smti Ankita Mishra Bundela, IAS, Secretary (Tourism) in her presidential address expressed her happiness for the overwhelming response from the participants for the training workshop and complimented the efforts of the forest officials in organizing the same. She informed that more such capacity building programs would be organised with joint efforts of both Tourism and Forest departments For Bird Watching in Andaman She urged the participants to have more dedication, passion, commitment and involvement for bird watching activities and urged them to make use of such training programs to improve their skills and knowledge on the subject. She also underlined the need to work out a business model for bird watching programs in the Islands to reap benefits on a sustainable basis.

The PCCF and the Secretary Andaman Tourism distributed the training kit, a bag containing field equipment’s and Bird book to the participants for developing their enthusiasm and passion in bird watching.

Dr. K. Ravichandran, IFS, Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) welcomed the gathering and gave a brief overview on the Bird Watching Guide Training Workshop. He mentioned that Andaman & Nicobar Islands with 284 birds species with high level of endemic, considerable number of restricted range species of birds, diverse habitat has great potential for bird watching as an ecotourism activity.

Shri Naveen Kumar P, IFS, Deputy Conservator of Forests (WL) proposed the vote of thanks to the dignitaries and the resource persons from ZSI, ANET and NCBS, Port Blair. A total of 31 persons are attending the training workshop and the group consists of unemployed youth, tourism operators and students.

Why Should You Be Careful at The Time of Choosing Andaman Honeymoon Package?

Are you a romantic rhapsodist looking for a Honeymoon hotspot to sing the song of love and amour in your full-throated ease?  If yes, you are at the right place to find the perfect Honeymoon Destination for the Happy Ending of your wedding saga.

If you love to celebrate the beginning of your post married in the most enthusiastic and sizzling ways amid   beautiful beaches and fairy-tale theme forests (surrounded by azure blue seawater), you can choose Andaman and Nicobar island. You are sure to feel the pulse of breathing human passion. You will get the land in a different clock when are very close to winning your spouse. This timeless truth has enamoured Honeymooners through the decades. As the consequence of it, many newlywed couples from India and abroad pay a visit to the land round the year. There are heterogamous groups of national and international couples coming to this land with their diverse demands and needs to celebrate their newly married life in their own ways. To meet each demand righteously, many Honeymoon tour Planners and Organizers have come to the scene well-equipped with various Andaman Honeymoon Packages . Each of them targets a particular class or cluster.

This is why choosing a perfect Andaman Honeymoon Package matters much to ensure the success of Honeymoon Tour in Andaman. As Honeymoon is the introduction of the second innings of your life, you should celebrate it the most systematic and auspicious way. A bad start can give you bitter Experience. An extreme stage of it can bring forth Misunderstanding. This is why you should be very careful at the time of choosing the right Honeymoon Packages.

There are a few points for worth considering at the time of the right selection. You need to consider the Andaman Tour Package and Andaman Tour Package with the service provider. To be more precise, you need to consider both- service and the service provider. In the case of choosing a service, you need to be very clear about your needs, your plans, and Expectation from the Andaman Honeymoon Tour. Side by side, you need to weigh and consider what you are getting from a package. Is it giving you anything more? Is it meeting your needs and Expectation? What the other Provider is offering for the same price?

In the case of selecting the right service provider, you need to consider the Experience, expertise and brand image of the Organizer. You should not run after Cheaper Andaman Tour Planner. You should critically judge whether the company is an inexperienced, Unprofessional and Unorganized Business Entity.

Andaman: The Best Romantic Gateway in India

Probably, there is no person in the world who does not like to celebrate his or her wedding event auspiciously. Almost of all newlywed couples like to take a honeymoon tour as the perfect ending of their wedding saga. A vast majority of them want to make it timeless with a memorable celebration that can create a silent stasis in their minds.  To do so, they look for a honeymoon hotspot that can offer them limitless pleasure and fervent environment to bring about a sizzling feeling to every pore of their bodies.

Now honeymoon can come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on their tastes, traditions and personalities, honeymooners choose beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, fairy-tale theme forests, romantic cities, etc. However, a vast majority of honeymooners like to choose beaches to rekindle the flames of love with a romantic escape. If you look for such a honeymoon hotspot within your budget, you can choose Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is probably the most romantic getaway in India. Blessed with wonderful vistas, picturesque landscapes, lush greeneries, and beautiful beaches, Andaman offers you limitless opportunities for a blissful vacation spending with your spouse in the most romantic way. There are a significant number of islands like Neil Island, Campbell Bay, Baratang Island, Little Andaman Island, Long island, Barren Island, and Cinque Island where you can get lost with your spouse to spend some golden moment amorously. You can get the taste of unusual marine life and romantic sunburnt mirth. You are sure to be dissolved, diffused, and dissipated with nature and your spouse.

However, you can get the best benefits of all these when you choose Best Andaman Honeymoon Tour Packages offered by an experienced and reputable company. It must have an expertise and long term experience in honeymoon tour planning and offering attractive Andaman honeymoon tour packages. The success and satisfaction of a honeymoon tour largely depend on the right selection. Therefore, newly married couples must be very careful during the time of selecting their honeymoon tour organizers. They should consider the years of experience the company has. They should justify the areas of specialization, satisfied customers, testimonials, and comments that they have received from their customers. These all are vital for a right selection.

Unlike past days, now there are many Andaman Tour Planners and organizers offering different packages and a wide variety of services to reward honeymooners a happy, successful and long-lasting honeymoon tour that remains evergreen in their psyches. Andaman Bluebay Holidays is the most significant among them. The company has already bagged the reward of “The Best Tourism Promoter in the Andaman Islands” for its expertise in planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and delivering best Andaman Tour packages. The company is dedicated to offering a memorable experience for a lifetime. You can definitely get started with Andaman Bluebay Holidays for the best utilization of all that Andaman has to offer you.  You can calmly feel the real mirth of romantic and sensual pleasure. Seize the opportunity with Andaman Bluebay Holidays as best as you can.

Tourists Suffer as Business Rivalry Among Private Boat Operators Takes Ugly Shape in Andaman Tourism

Port Blair, May 09: The business rivalry between Wooden Boat and Speed Boat operators has taken an ugly shape in Andaman, putting high end tourists in a soup.
Recently a sudden order was issued by South Andaman Deputy Commissioner restricted trips of all speed boats, which have out shined all old wooden boats in business by making multiple trips a day in Aberdeen- Ross Island- North Bay Sector.
The order came following a complaint made by Island Tourist Boat Operators’ Association, run by a section of boat operators, most of whom run old and wooden boats. The Complaint said that often tourists remain stranded in Ross and North Bay area because of the wrong practice of small boat operators.
The speed boat owners now allege that the Island Tourist Boat Operators’ Association is run by operators of most of the wooden and old boats, which are slow and can’t make multiple trips in a day and the order of Deputy Commissioner will only hamper the business of speed boat owners who take less tourists but make multiple trips.
“This is sad that Administration issued an order based on a single complaint without hearing the versions of small speed boat operators. DC’s order will not cause any loss to wooden boat owners as they anyway make one or two trips a day but speed boat owners like us, who make multiple trips with few tourists at a time, will suffer heavy loss. This is a business trick,” said a speed boat operator.
Tourists visiting Andaman on a package tour, which promised speed boat trip to North Bay and Ross Island now allege that Andaman Tourism is cheating with them and forcing them to travel in wooden boats which take nearly one hour, to sail between Aberdeen- Ross Island- North Bay area.
As complaint from tourists are reaching national level online tourism companies, the giant companies are now threatening the local tour operators to drag them to court, as they are unable to provide seats to their clients in speed boats for tourists because of new restrictions.
“How will tourism get promotion if orders like this are issued arbitrarily, all of a sudden and against the interest of tourists,” the speed boat operator added.
However, when protested a meeting was organised Deputy Commissioner’s office on Saturday and a new order was released on Monday allowing only three trips to speed boat owners in North Bay Sector and four in Ross Island Sector. The order said that in additional to this one additional trip will be allowed when passengers of atleast one trip is brought back to Aberdeen.
While speed boat owners are still unhappy and are demanding more trips the Deputy Commissioner of South Andaman maintained that this has been done to ensure safety of tourists.
“For Administration safety of tourists is first priority and business part or profit part comes later. What if because of this rush for tourists some speed boats collide with each other? Who would be responsible? We are here to ensure safety of tourists,” the Deputy Commissioner said.
The boat operators however refuse to accept this reply saying that if safety is a priority then why such rules were not introduced earlier and why the restrictions were imposed based on complaint lodged by a section of boat operators, who operate old, slow and wooden boats.
“Why this kind of rule is only applicable in Ross and North Bay sector and not in Elephanta beach, Baratang and rest part of Havelock? Regarding the safety issue a meeting was conducted DC’s conference hall in which  was admitted by the various agencies like PMF, TSET, IP&T manager and marine engineer (DSS) that there is no compromise made on safety in RGWSC for tourist by speed boat owners,” question another speed boat operator.

Andaman Tourism Declared Best Domestic Tourist Destination 2016

The Andaman Tourism has been declared the winner of ‘Best Domestic Tourist Destination’ under in the Tamil Nadu Tourism Award 2015. The award was received by Shri Victor Raj, DRC Chennai and Shri M Vinod, President AATO Andaman, in a function held at Hotel Ambassador Pallava Chennai. The award was presented by legendary playback singer Padma Bhushan Dr. P. Susheela in the presence of Shri Subhash Goyal, President, IATO and Shri V.K.T Balan, Chairman, TAAI, Southern Region.