How to Choose Andaman Family Tour Packages

Andaman has always been toppers’ choice. It has occupied the most significant place in the lexicon of Indian travel history. It has helped India become an incredible India. A plethora of travel options evokes different types of moods and sentiments in the psyches of heterogeneous groups. Its picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, wonderful vistas and natural phenomena crate silent stasis in the minds of beauty seekers.  The virgin rainforest and vibrant atmosphere transpire fire in the every pore of the honeymooners. They like to get lost in the dense forest of Andaman to be involved in the wildest sensual activities. On the other hand, tranquil sea water, eventful wildlife, attractive islands, wonderful parks, and aquarium become the favorite enjoyment for almost all members living in a family.


Therefore, a healthy mix of children, elders, youngsters, and adults frequently take part in a beautiful exploration in wonderful Andaman. To meet each specific need of everybody, many reputable travel chains and tour organizers have come forward. A vast majority of them has started offering different types of family tour packages. Under the Andaman Tour Packages, they try to offer different kinds of services including itineraries, pleasurable activities, and accommodations with all modern itineraries in such a way that everybody becomes happy and stratified. Although, it is an undeniable fact that each of the Andaman Family Tour Package of higher budget definitely meets the each specific needs of a healthy mix of different groups comprised of children, elders, youngsters and adults, the packages of lower budget some interesting options to indulge in.


Like other packages, Andaman Family Tour Packages include: receiving families from Airport, allotting modern accommodations, food arrangements, sightseeing, etc.

Given Below Are Different Types of Andaman Family Tour Packages:

  • 3 Nights and 4Days Plan
  • 4 Nights and 5 Days Plan
  • 5 Nights & 6 Days Plan
  • 6 Nights & 7 Days Plan
  • 7 Nights & 8 Days Plan

The higher budget ensures more options and facilities. If you are planning for a family trip to Andaman, you should choose one that exactly meets your family needs and makes your every member happy and satisfied. To be more precise, your Andaman Tour should a part of education for the younger sort, for the elder sort a part of experience and for the youths a part of experiment with various activities.

Therefore, you need to choose Andaman Family Tour Packages from a reputable company having years of experience in it. It must be capable of meeting all the needs mentioned above. Choosing over the internet is always advisable as it can save your time, money and efforts.


Amazing Andaman Tour

The holiday to Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a once in a lifetime experience. Andaman & Nicobar is full of amazing nature beauty and stunning marine life. I am eager to share my experience and thoughts about this lovely place. My experience may help others plan a better trip and help them to change their view to look at Andaman island as “Kaala-Pani “

Few details about Andaman Islands:

Andaman Islands are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal and a Union Territory of India. There are total 572 islands but Inhabited Islands are 38. The name of the island has always been ‘Andaman’ and might represent Handuman, the Malay form of Hanuman. Capital of Andaman Island is Port Blair.

The history of the British in the Andaman and Nicobar islands began in 1788. British Government thought of establishing a penal settlement here. In March 1858, the first penal settlement was established, with 200 prisoners, mostly rebels from the Indian Army. Initially the convicts were kept in a jail at Viper Island. The foundation of the infamous Cellular Jail was laid in 1896. The building was completed in 1906. Place soon known as Kaala Pani because of Cellular Jail. This place becomes a favorite tourist place after 2000. Veer Savarkar International airport is the only airport in Andaman.

Our journey begins on 14th February 2012 with a lot of enthusiasm

Day 0 (14th– 15thFeb 2012): Pune – Chennai – Port Blair Flight


We started from Pune to Chennai by Spice Jet Airways at 11 PM. My friends (Anannya, Aditya and Vrishali) dropped us on airport. It was the first flight journey for my wife, Renuka and she was very thrilled. After the 1 hour journey to Chennai, we stayed on the airport about 3-4 hours and then boarded an Indian Airlines flight for Port Blair at 6 AM. Flight duration was 2 hrs. After nice breakfast and movie we witnessed some beautiful scattered islands. This view is never to be missed. Simply amazing.


Day 1 (15th Feb 2012): In Port Blair


Andaman Tour – We were welcomed by my friend from Andaman, Nawaz Hashmi, with a lovely flower bouquet. We moved to our hotel, “Megapode Resort”, also known as Megapode Nest Resort. A royal luxury Bamboo cottage was booked for us. Open Sea view from your balcony makes you feel fresh. After taking rest for a while, we planned to visit Corbyn’s Cove Beach. There is nothing special as such on this beach but the clam water and lovely view of the beach made us spend about an hour on beach.  Road to this beach is very beautiful. You can see Ross island on the way.

After visiting the beach, we decided to visit the cellular Jail. Wow….. What a place to visit in Andaman. Best way to see the past chapter of our Indian history. We should know the value of our freedom. You need at least 2-3 hours to see the entire jail. It was a very proud movement for me.

During my jail visit I saw some people making fun of this place. People were taking picture in cell or in Phasi Ghar. There were acting as they are prisoner in this jail. I think we should respect this place. Quote by Ganesh Savarkar about jail is telling you everything. “यह तीर्थ महारथियों का है, मात कहो इसे काला पानी, तुम सुनो, यहाँ की धरती के कण – कण से गाथा बलिदानी”.

  • Entry fee: INR 20/-
  • Camera fee: INR 25/- and Video camera fee: INR 100/-

Day 2 (16th Feb 2012): Ross Island and Chidiya Tapu

 We woke up early and were surprised by the weather condition. Average sun rise timing in Andaman is 5 AM and sunset by 5 PM. 

     After a delicious breakfast from resort, we went to the Ross Island jetty. It’s a 10 min boat ride from jetty to the Island. This Island is the erstwhile capital of Port Blair during the British regime, and it presently houses the ruins of old buildings. It is very well maintained by navy and local people. There are ruins building on islands and very interesting shapes made by tree + roots + ruin building. It’s Heaven for photographer and best to click black and white photos. To see complete island you need to walk a lot so better to carry water and some snacks. There is small beach which is completely destroyed by 2004 tsunami and you can see that. We spent nearly 3 hours on island and took the same boat to return on jetty.

We had our lunch at Annapurna restaurant which is best vegetarian restaurant in Port Blair. Punjabi food cost us around INR 400/- along with ice cream. We roamed in port Blair by our hired car. We found Port Blair city very clean and all the people here follow proper rules. In the evening we decided to take a road trip by bike so we asked our friend Hashmi for bike. He gave his passion bike w/o any cost. Location was Chidiya Tapu.

It is Around 25 – 28km from Port Blair city. The road cuts through a dense forest and sometimes along a classic seaside. This place is famous for a variety of birds but you cannot expect to see them from the beach. You need to explore forest area. Forest is quite dense so it’s better to go inside with a local guide or a local person. Beach is very beautiful and calm and it tempts you for swimming. Do not miss classic view of sunset and keep your camera ready to capture it.

After memorable sun set we came back to our resort for lovely candle light dinner which was a must for our honeymoon.

  • Lunch at Annapurna restaurant: INR 400 /- for both (Panjabi Food + Ice cream)
  • Auto (Megapode Resort to PB Market): INR 25/-
  • Auto (PB Market to Megapode Resort): INR 35/-

Day 3 (17th Feb 2012): Jolly Bouy Island

Early morning we left the resort without breakfast as we wanted to see an aerial view of the Veer Savarkar Airport. Our driver Basir took us on a hilltop. From there, we were able to see the complete airport. We spent half an hour and saw the landing of an air India flight and the takeoff of kingfisher airline.

Our today’s destination was Jolly Bouy Island. For this island you have to take a boat ride from Wandoor. Wandoor jetty is 30km away from Port Blair city. We got tickets for 9 AM boat. Boat’s name was Silver wind. By the same boat, you have to come back to Wandoor. That boat waits for us nearby the island for around 3 hrs. Jolly Bouy Island is in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and has a nice beach to offer a spectacular breath taking underwater view of corals and marine life. This is the best beach I ever visited in India for corals and marine life.

They offer you free snorkeling OR bottom glass boat ride. If you like it then you can pay extra INR for a longer ride. We did free snorkeling which was just a trailer of marine life. We liked it so much, that we paid extra INR per person and took a 20-25 min extra ride. This experience was simply amazing. I could see the underwater coral, fishes moving around my legs, different types of fishes like crown, large parrot, zebra, star fish, sea angelfish etc. and also 2 octopuses. My wife and I were so happy that we did snorkeling twice.

Those who are scared of snorkeling then enjoy glass boat ride. By the way, for snorkeling, swimming is not a pre-requisite. But if you can swim, snorkeling guide takes you for long ride. We enjoyed our long and deep snorkeling rides.
Food stalls are not available on this island as it comes under marine national park. It is plastic free zone. Do not miss this island.

  • Boat Ride: INR 550/- per head (it includes 1 snorkeling or glass boat ride)
  • Snorkeling: INR 200/- to INR 500/- (we did INR 500/- per head and as we did twice we got discount of INR 250/-per head on last ride)
  • Water bottle: INR 5/- Rent and INR 100/- deposit (they provide non plastic water bags)

After spending a long time here, we were tired, tanned and dehydrated. We were back to Port Blair for lunch, and then rested till it was dark outside. In the evening we visited at anthropology museum. Best way to know the past and current state of tribal communities.
We did some local market shopping in port Blair. There is “Sagarika” shop where you can buy shell items, Jute based items and Handicraft. This is a government owned shop. There are other local shops also nearby Sagarika. I found these shops reasonable as compare to Sagarika. After lot of shopping (thanks to my wife), we came back to hotel for Dinner. Now our luggage count become 5 from 4 due to shopping. We had to sleep early as next morning we had ship for Havelock Island.

Day 4 (18th Feb 2012): Havelock Island + Radhanagar Beach

We checked out early morning from the resort and kept the extra luggage in the resort’s luggage room. The Hotel was very near to Phoenix Bay Jetty (port). Our ship named Bambooka was waiting for us. It was our first ship journey. Once the ship got sailing in the sea, we went on the deck. View of open sea was amazing. After an hour, my wife requested a crew member to show us the ship’s cabin. We got to know that the ship’s captain is from Pune/Nasik. He was so happy to meet us, that we spend entire journey in the captain’s cabin. We told us how to sail the ship. We had snacks with the entire crew members. Captain gave us his contact no and invited us to meet him when he will be back on leave in Pune.  After a royal 2 hour journey, we reached Havelock.

  • Ship ticket: INR 250/- per person (Port Blair to Havelock island only. 38km from port Blair Jetty)
  • SeaShell Resort Havelock: INR 4500/- per room per night (Andaman Chalet, Half board plan)



Havelock Island is very small in size with a very less population. Havelock Island provides idyllic resort in the lap of virgin beach and an unpolluted environment. Our driver was waiting for us on jetty. We moved into the sea shell resort which is approx. 2-3 km away from the jetty. Sea shell resort’s property is completely surrounded by tall coconut trees and green garden. Night bar is in the middle of the premise. Our private cottage was close to the beach. Beach is not at all good for swimming but you can relax on the wooden benches. We took rest in resort till 2.30 PM and then we started for a very romantic and famous Radhanagar Beach.


Radhanagar Beach is one of the largest beaches in India; it is lonely, very clean, silver sand and breathtakingly beautiful. It has been ranked Asia’s 2nd most beautiful beach. Local people say soon it will be on rank 1. It was very difficult to stop ourselves from entering in the blue water. We did photography sessions. A sweet European lady came to us and took our photos (we didn’t request her to click, but she felt like taking our snaps. Thanks if you are reading this blog!).  After spending a long time, we witnessed very romantic sunset from the beach. A perfect place for Honeymoon!!!

As we were very tried, we preferred to stay in the resort.

  • Coconut water: INR 35/- (Due to famous spot everything is costly outside Radhanagar beach)
  • Mineral water: INR 20 to 25/- per lit.
    All most all items on Havelock are bit costly. Reason is simple as it is a small island away from Port Blair.

Day 5 (19th Feb 2012): our first Scuba Diving + Fishing game


  • Coconut water: INR 35/- (Due to famous spot everything is costly outside Radhanagar beach)
  • Mineral water: INR 20 to 25/- per lit.
    All most all items on Havelock are bit costly. Reason is simple as it is a small island away from Port Blair.


Day 5 (19th Feb 2012): our first Scuba Diving + Fishing game

We were waiting for this day since a long time. At 7.30 in the morning we left our resort and reached at Go Dive India center. It is paddy certified diving school. We took 1 day basic diving course. After wearing the wet suit, we left the diving area by boat for our training section. We both were too excited about our 1st dive. Instructor explained us how to dive and the does and don’ts. We had training for worst condition under water. As we were getting trained in the 6 – 8 ft. water, we were eager to go for our Dive. A Photographer which we hired to dive was covering us to take some good pictures. After 25 -30 min training we decided to enter in the fabulous underwater world.

When I entered in the deep blue sea, my heartbeat increased their pace. It took us a few minutes to relax in the water. Me, Renuka and our Instructor were trying to focus on tasks which he explained us. After few min we were mentally ready to go deep. Scuba gives us the chance to unveil the mysteries and the wonders of the environment which covers the majority of our planet. We really tried hard not to panic as we and our instructor went deeper and deeper underwater. It was really a great experience, seeing the beauty of sea wildlife because of the presence of many varieties of reef fish, corals. It was totally a different world. It is so quiet. We were inside the water for about an hour. When we came back I got to the real meaning of the shayari from Movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

पिघले नीलम सा बहता ये समां,नीली नीली सी खामोशियाँ ,
न कहीं है ज़मीन न कहीं आसमान,सरसराती हुई टहनियां पट्टियां,
कह रहीं है बस एक तुम हो यहाँ, बस मैं हूँ ,
मेरी सांसें हैं और मेरी धडकनें,ऐसी गहराइयाँ, ऐसी तन्हैयाँ,
और मैं … सिर्फ मैं.
अपने होने पर मुझको यकीन आ गया !

Our day, till this point was mind-blowing and we decide to enjoy on full throttle. We booked a private boat for fishing game.  Thanks to my friend Hashmi again, who arranged this from port Blair on a single call. Me, Renuka and 3 local Fisherman went in for shipping. We learned their local method. 3 hours on the boat, very quiet and away from land…..lovely experience. We were able to catch 7 medium – large size fish. I was the winner as I got 3 fish among 7. Sunset from our private boat was just a perfect.  After sun set it was dark and return journey was full of thrill.


In dinner, I ate 2 fish (kokkari fish and kushari fish: Local names) which was served by sea shell resort chef. We celebrated our first dive with some drinks and fish. Today we tried few things first time in our life like scuba diving, Fishing game and drinks. It was a perfect day from our Honeymoon.


  • Scuba diving: INR 4500/- per person per dive (45-60min dive) with photographer. (INR 1000/- extra for extra Dive)
  • Fishing game: INR 3500/- for both in private boat + Fish.
  • Lunch at B3 restaurant: INR 450/- for both.
  • Coconut water on jetty: INR 15/- per pic.

 Day 6 (20th Feb 2012): Kala Pathar Beach + Port Blair


We decided that we will just roam around and explore the whole island. We rented an Activa bike to roam on island. We read about Kaala Pathar beach from internet so we decide to visit that place. It was a long drive and road quality is not at all good. Road was very lonely and hardly we see a single bike or person on the way. We could see the sea along the road. Finally we reached on beach. It is a small beach but a very beautiful and an untouched one. There were hardly 3 couples on this beach. It is very clean and has crystal clear water. Good place for couple’s photo session. Tripod is needed as you won’t get any one to take your snaps or you have to wait for someone to pass by. Luckily we had our tripod along with us. I don’t know why people coming to Havelock miss this place.

We returned to resort to check out from our resort and had our lunch again on B3 restaurant. At 3 PM we boarded in our ship Bambooka. After few min, a Vice Capt. came into the passenger compartment and took us to the cabin. Capt. Deshpande was aware that we were in the ship. (We told them about our return journey 2 days back). Other passenger were surprised that why were we taken out from compartment. But we were aware about real the reason. Ha ha ha… Again we got a royal treatment in the ship. After photo session with ship crew, we return to the Megapode Resort. Thanks Capt. Deshpande and his team for such a royal treatment. We are still in touch with each other and soon we are going to visit them in Pune.

This was our last evening in Port Blair so we went for shopping again for hour. Tonight Dinner was planned by my friend Hashmi in five-star fortune bay restaurant. That was a treat from my friend. We received a beautiful wedding gift from him. He made our honeymoon trip special by doing such a great arrangement in Andaman. We cannot forget this trip.

When we returned to our hotel, we were sad. Next morning we were supposed to leave such a beautiful place. That night we decided to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in Andaman again. We will really miss this place.

  • Activa bike Rent: INR 250/- + INR 100/- Petrol.
  • Lunch at B3 restaurant: INR 320/-
  • Ship ticket: INR 250/- per person(Havelock to Port Blair)

Day 7 (21st Feb 2012): Port Blair to Chennai

We check out from hotel at 7.30 AM to catch our Indian airline flight at 8.50 AM. Basir dropped us on airport in the morning. We were not happy to check-in to the flight, but it’s not possible to extend our stay in Andaman. We got a window seat and we said Goodbye to Andaman.

After 2 hr. Flight, we landed on Chennai airport. We had our bookings done in the New Woodland hotel. Our next flight was on 22nd Feb so we got 1 day in Chennai for rest. We did some shopping in the evening.

  • Fast track taxi: INR 300/- (Airport to New Woodland Hotel)
  • Lunch in hotel: INR 350/- for Chinese food.
  • Dinner at Murugan idli: INR 160/- for both
  • Auto from T Nagar to New Woodland hotel: INR 100/-
  • New Woodland hotel: INR 1945/- for Std. A/C Room per night.

Day 8 (22nd Feb 2012): Pune
By early morning Spice Jet flight we reached at our sweet home.

Some pointers for Andaman trip:

  1. Carry Sun cream, mosquito repellent for Havelock (only required if you are travelling through’ forest or near Radhanagar beach after sun set)
  2. Basic medical kit ( there are shops in Port Blair but you have to go to the main market)
  3. Sunglass and Cap.
  4. Camera and Tripod (you need tripod in Havelock)
  5. There is lots of ATM in Port Blair and 2 ATMs (Axis and SBI) in Havelock so no need to carry cash.

 Must visit Places which we miss due to lack of Time:

  1. Baratang: Visit to the famous Lime stone caves and you can see Jarwa tribal people. Day trip begins early in morning and ends after sun set.
  2. Ross & Smith twin Islands: Though these are commonly referred to as twin islands, they are actually a single island separated by a sandy stretch which makes it appear like two separate islands.
  3. Chatham saw mill: This Saw Mill is one of the biggest and oldest in Asia
  4. Elephanta beach in Havelock: Water sports, Snorkeling and scuba Diving site.In our next year visit, we are going to cover these places. Actually there are many more places which are hidden from us in Andaman.  Let’s see how much we can cover in our next trip.I hope you like my travel blog and you are planning to visit this place.

I will try to upload more and more travel blogs. Thanks for reading this Travel Blog.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Art

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the best place for the individuals who affection to gather distinctive workmanship things from better places to beautify their inside or to keep them as a fortune. The claim to fame of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands not just can be found in their picturesque excellence additionally could be found in the made things made by the neighborhood laborers.

Composed materials made of created shells include the significant segment of Andaman and Nicobar Islands craftsmanship. This specialty of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have brought forth shell made great trimmings and other wooden materials which are the fundamental attractions of this spot.

The specialty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands could be best found in their artworks made of shells. These shells are utilized for making delightful and beautiful planning adornments. An extensive variety of beautiful shells are there in this island. Along these lines it pulled in numerous individuals to entertain themselves with this work.

However, the enormous prevalence of expressions of the human experience and specialties of Andaman and Nicobar Islandsresulted in the misuse of the characteristic assets as this workmanship got another wave the fare business and numerous individuals began drawing in themselves in this unit.

Little scale workmanship units in various corners of this area have grew up who were effectively situated in making shell and wooden specialty things. Because of the trepidation of a major loss of the common assets the Government brought limitations on the fare exchange of these delightful things.

This art of shell crafting of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are very fascinating and beautiful.


In spite of the fact that Andaman and Nicobar Islands is available since time immemorial, yet it was brought for the most part by the British. It was an imperative seat of organization for the British amid their tenet in India. To meet their motivation, they had fabricated different landmarks and today Andaman and Nicobar Islands Architecture is involved primarily of the remains of those manifestations.

The most noticeable landmark of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the Cellular Jail. Be that as it may, with the exception of the focal tower, the jail has barely anything to impact the engineering of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. All things considered, days of detached detainment are former events now. The neighborhood tenants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands of nowadays, however have a decent creative sense, are not really any route inventive in their engineering. The planners of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a long ways behind the other Indian spots. They take after the urban method of living and the ethnicity of the spot is quick vanishing.

Be that as it may, the genuine tenants of the spot, the tribes have their own one of a kind method of living. The Great Andamanese, too low in include, are restored Strait Island and having got the essence of human progress, they now live in hovels with thatched rooftops. The Onges likewise do live in ‘pucca cottage sort houses’, furthermore created feeling of artworks and aestheticness. The other three tribes – Jarawas, Sentinelese and the Shompens are still far from human advancement. They live in holes, tree – houses or even in trees. Truth be told, they have not yet built up a feeling of lodging.

So Andaman and Nicobar Islands Architecture, that is, design of the indigenous occupants of the spot has still far to go.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands has got acknowledgment as the place where there is outcast for the Indian flexibility warriors. Indeed, even today, greater part of the islands’ populace is contained the relatives of the detainees of the Cellular Jail amid the British Raj. By genetic impulses, they are persevering and creative. They trust in the conservation of their belonging and culture. The islands are dwelled for the most part by primitive locals, however Andaman and Nicobar Islands Handicrafts have created in the hands of these locals itself.

A portion of the real Handicrafts of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are:


Blessed with wide assortment of vegetation, Mother Nature has been liberal to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As much as 86% of the aggregate place that is known for the islands is involved with deciduous and downpour woodlands. Also, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Wood Crafts industry has performed all around ok to make utilization of this riches acquired by them. Woods are for the most part utilized by local people to develop houses, make kayaks, furnitures or wall estates. In any case, it is likewise utilized for household and brightening purposes. Fancy woods of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, for example, Paduak, Chui, marble wood are utilized to make show-pieces, human or creature figures or different things which have high inventive qualities. One of such famous thing is table-tops made of paduak tress. Crossbow of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with its furrowed focal bar and iron circles, is yet another prominent token among the visitors. Another appealing ancient rarities for the most part revered by the visitors is the smaller than usual model of a wooden kayak. Molded by the streams of the ocean, Driftwood of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are additionally broadly used to deliver different antiquities.

Gems ” Jewellery

The brilliantly perfect islands of Andaman and Nicobar are home to numerous talented specialists who make numerous shining bits of gems which ladies totally love. Among them the ones that are developed from the rich utilization of shells are the most pined for.

Shell gems of Andaman and Nicobar islands are exceptionally prominent with the sightseers. Other than valuable gems of Andaman and Nicobar islands, shells are likewise used in the production of other wonderful things that incorporate musical instruments, table lights, finger bowls and other awe-inspiring things.

While shopping on the islands of Andaman and Nicobar make it a point to buy some shining bits of gems that can be chiefly acquired as complicatedly cut hoops, dynamite accessories of all sizes and shapes and numerous more that will clearly expand your magnificence and win you some true gratefulness from precious ones.

Adornments at Andaman and Nicobar islands likewise comes in the customary incarnation of being studded with valuable stones like ruby, precious stone, emerald and numerous more which are similarly looked for after by local people and in addition by the visitants.Shopping in Andaman and Nicobar must incorporate purchasing some gems things of the spot particularly those produced using the ocean shells.

Shell Crafts

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Shell Crafts is a blasting industry of the islands. Other than agribusiness, angling and wooden crafts,Shell Crafts in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a noteworthy wellspring of occupation and pay to local people. Nature has presented Andaman and Nicobar Islands with a rich assortment of shells and the tenants make great utilization of it to pull up their monetary condition.

A wide assortment of shells in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been the life saver of the spot. There are verging on each sorts of shells found on the shores of the islands – from Turbo to Nautilus, Murex to Trochus. There are additionally Green Mussel, Giant Clam, Oysters, Scallop, Cockle furthermore from the Cephalopoda species like Squid or Octopus. So the sightseers, as well as the scholars discover the spot fascinating to investigate. Thusly, the rich shell-substance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands adds to the tourism business too. The shells of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have colossal use – values. The shells found on the shores are utilized to make improving antiques like bangles, table lights, show pieces, ashtrays or beautifying boxes. Shells of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are likewise utilized for making jeweleries like rings and bangles. The shells likewise bolster “consumable shell fishery” and some are additionally blazed in ovens to fabricate eatable lime.

Conch Shell and Tortoise shell of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the most critical and esteemed shells. Them two have high market esteem. While the previous is essentially utilized for religious reason, the last with its delightful shades are profoundly requested in the West, where they place them in numerous innovative ways, giving a solid driving force to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Shell Crafts industry.

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Best Tour Operator in Andaman – Why Should You Be Interested in Andaman Honeymoon Packages?

Are you a romantic rhapsodist married recently? Now looking for an ideal romantic getaway to make your honeymoon trip something special and memorable? If yes, look no further than Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You are sure to have the endless pleasure and some exotic ways to spice up your togetherness.

The picturesque landscape, gorgeous green surroundings, beautiful beaches, tranquil sea, and azure blue lagoons will make you romantic and inspire you to spend your golden days in some ecstatic ways which are far-reaching of common ebullience of life and rustic mirth. The vibrant atmosphere of Andaman will transpire instant fires at every pore. The dense forests and pristine lagoons will give you a lagoon like existence to spend some beautiful moments with your spouse in some passionate and sensuous ways.

Why Andaman Honeymoon Packages


Naturally, a large percentage of newly-married couples pay a visit to this land, choosing it as their perfect romantic honeymoon destination. A vast majority of them are keen to make their newlywed life spicy and colourful. Therefore, they are least bothered about other common daily life activities like arranging food, accommodation, etc.  To help these people best, many tourism promoters and travel organizers have come forward to offer attractive Andaman Honeymoon Packages. Although there are different packages including various common and customize services, most of these packages target to give you a delightful experience. You can spend sweet moments with your sweetheart in an undisturbed manner.


Have a look the Andaman honeymoon packages:

  1. 3 Nights and 4 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  2. 4 Nights and 5 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  3. 5 Nights and 6 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  4. 6 Nights and 7 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  5. 7 Nights and 8 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  6. 8 Nights and 9 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package

Andaman honeymoon packages target to maximize fun

Most of these Andaman honeymoon packages have been designed to maximize your fun activities and minimize the daily life hazards. If you are interested in making your days spicy, colourful and rocking, you can choose luxury honeymoon packages in Andaman. These packages include more value-added service apart from offering common services like food, accommodation, etc. Most of the local organizers have a very good league with the local officers and communities. They can offer you customized service that can make your Andaman tour more exciting and memorable.

Andaman Bluebay Holidays is one of such organizers providing the honeymooners with customized services. For the quality service, one-on-one care, affordable services, Andaman Bluebay Holidays has bagged the award of “The Best Tourism Promoter in the Andaman Islands”

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Andaman and Nicobar Places Of Interest

Andaman and Nicobar are a group of several islands which cover an area of 8,073 sq. kilometres. A union territory of India, it was first inhabited by several indigenous tribes and then was turned into a penal colony by the British.

Famous for its white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters, Andaman and Nicobar Islands happen to be one of the best tourist destinations in India. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these islands, which include tourists from varied parts of the world.

We have put together a list of places that you should visit if you ever find yourself in the islands.

  • The Cellular Jail

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is home to a very prominent historic structure, The Cellular Jail. Built in 1896 by the British, the jail housed some prominent Indian freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar who were involved in the freedom struggle in the Indian mainland.

The construction of this jail began in the year 1896 and went on till 1906. Comprising of 7 wings, the entire structure was designed in a criss cross manner with the centre of the jail being a tower which was used by the guards to keep an eye on the prisoners. The cells were built in a manner where each cell faced the back of another cell. Every evening a Sound and Light Show is put up which tells the story of the heroic struggle of these freedom fighters.

  • Samudrika Museum

Samudrika Museum is managed by the Navy. The whole reason behind setting up such an establishment was to make people a lot more aware regarding the importance of the conservation of the aquatic life as well as resources that are found in the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands. There is also plenty of information about tribals.

The entire museum can be divided into 5 different sections: the history of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Geography of the Islands, People of the Islands, Marine Life and lastly the Archaeology. The museum has a rich display of natural coral reefs while also displaying the rich flora and fauna of the region which are unique to this part of the world.

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The Museum is open at all days except Monday between 9 in the morning and 12 in the noon. It again opens at 2 in the afternoon to 5 in the evening.

  • The Anthropological Museum

Anthropological Museum situated at Port Blair was built back in 1975 and has a beautiful display of artefacts from the islands like weapons, clothes, boats, baskets, models, photographs etc not to mention the fact that it also houses the records of the expeditions that have been undertaken back in the day. The library that is present in the museum too has a rich reference regarding the tribal culture of the island.

  • Viper Island

Before the infamous Cellular Jail came into existence, people were incarcerated in the Viper Island. On top of this island stood a jail which housed the criminals and the revolutionaries from the British era before they set up the Cellular Jail. The ruins of the jail that was built in 1867 by the British can still be found today. The island can be reached easily via cruise from Port Blair. If you overlook the fact that the island used to house a gruesome prison, you will see that the island is very beautiful. The sunset at the place is worth watching.

  • Havelock Island

Located about 54 kms from Port Blair, Havelock Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is especially famous for its beautiful beaches and is known to have some of the best snorkelling and diving sites. Reaching Havelock is very easy since there are regular ship services which run between Havelock and Port Blair.

Two of the most famous beaches on Havelock Island are Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach. While at the Elephant Beach you can witness the Elephants swimming around in the beautiful water or even getting trained.

The biggest activity at the Havelock Island is scuba diving. Apart from this you can laze around on the beaches and eat some tasty sea food.

  • Limestone Caves

The limestone caves at Baratang Island are a site that must be visited while you are at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The caves are a natural wonder and you will be left admiring it for hours. It has several stalagmites and stalactites which will grab your attention immediately. What is also fun is the speed boat ride which gets you to the island. It passes through the canopy of forests which also happens to be home to the Jarwa tribe.

Having an experienced guide will make this experience a lot more memorable by filling you in about all the interesting facts about the history of the caves.

  • Corbyn’s Cove

Corbyn’s Cove is nothing but a beautiful, perfect and serene beach with its soft sand and picturesque background complete with coconut palms and blue sea. The major attractions of the beach like most of the places in the island are the water sports activities. The major water sport attractions here include boating, scuba diving and surfing. There are several resorts, guest houses and restaurants at just a stone throw’s away from the beach, offering great choices for accommodation.

  • Mount Harriet

This was once a summer headquarter of the British Chief Commissioner. The highest point in all of Port Blair, it is ideal for a trekking or even for a picnic. Just 55 kms away from Port Blair, it can be reached by road as well as a ferry. At the height of 365 m you will find a guest house.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a beautiful place to spend some time away from home. There are several beautiful beaches and historical sites to explore.






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Accommodation In Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands cater to a very large number of tourists every year.  Being one of the most frequented destinations in India today, accommodation is never a problem for most visitors, with plenty of choices for most budgets.

There is something for everyone here. You may be on a shoestring budget or you may have a very large budget, whatever is the case you will enjoy your stay here. From 5 star hotels and premium hotels to lodges and budget hotels, they have it all. There are several hotels as well as beach side resorts which are available for the tourists to stay.

The islands have lush green forests and are home to spectacular marine life and so most of the tourists generally prefer staying in a beach front hotel. These beach front properties tend to fill up very fast during the peak season and so if you are planning on visiting the place in the summer then it is always wise to book the rooms beforehand.

The islands are just as beautiful in the off season (rainy) with the freshly washed trees but most people do not prefer visiting the islands at such a time. If you make up your mind to check out the islands during the rainy season then you should known that the accommodations tend to get a lot cheaper and so staying at an upscale hotel will not necessarily burn a hole through your pockets.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Considering that the islands see a very large influx of tourists each year, it shouldn’t be very surprising that there are more than just a handful of luxury resorts and hotels here. There are several resorts that the beautiful blue coastline of the island which lets you take in the spectacular views which the island has to offer from within your room. If budget isn’t an issue then you can stay at these places which offer you the ultimate experience however the rooms here fly off the shelves and hence you should book the rooms before coming to the islands.

There are resorts like Fortune Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Peerless Sarovar Portico etc all of which provide very comfortable rooms for as long as you stay. Considering that there are a very large number of resorts available on the islands, you will find one that will suit your taste. Whether you want a resort that is right in the middle of all the action or something that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd yet well connected, you will find it all.

Deluxe, Cottages and Standard Hotels

These accommodation options basically offer you a substantial amount of comfort and service without having you to spend a fortune. There are hotels like Megapode Nest Resort, Sinclairs Bay View Hotel, Sun Sea Resort, Hotel Mainik, Hotel Shreesh, TSG Emerald View etc which cater to tourists who are visiting the islands on a budget while not compromising on the quality of the service.

These cottages and deluxe hotels can be found all across the Andaman Islands. Though comparatively cheaper the services that they offer include AC rooms, bars, restaurants, TV, internet, car hire facility etc which will make your stay enjoyable.

Budget Hotels

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money on the accommodation then you can always check in to one of the several budget hotels that the island has to offer. Just because they are budget hotels does not necessarily mean that they are sub – standard. A lot of times these places are eco – friendly and are quiet green which makes it quite efficient and hence lets you stay by shelling out very little money.

Some of the hotels that are available in this category are Palm Grove Eco Resort, City King Palace, N.K. International, Shompen, Gem Continental, Holiday Resort, Hotel Blair etc.


If you are travelling on a very limited budget but still want to see the sights that the island of Andaman and Nicobar has to offer then you stay in one of the lodges that can be found in the island. There are government lodges as well which will charge you very little but they do provide excellent services considering the amount that is being paid for the same.

Swagat Lodge, Ram Niwas Lodge, Kavita Lodge, (Andaman Tour) Andaman Tourist Cottage etc are some of the options that are available at low budget.


If you would like to spend minimal amount on your accommodation and want to use up all the money checking out the sights and sounds that the island has to offer then you can always camp out. There are several tourists who enjoy camping and if you belong to the category who wouldn’t mind spending some quality time with Mother Nature then camping out in the open is a great choice.

A lot of the visitors who come to the island enjoy island camping. This is organised by the Tourism Department complete with a tented accommodation and this can be found in some of the popular beaches during the peak season. This will prove to be an ideal holiday for all the eco – friendly tourists.

So there you have it, the different types of accommodation options that are available to you at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can choose the one you like according to your preference and your budget.

Irrespective of the type of accommodation that you stay in, most of these accommodations (if not all) are considered to provide the tourists with some tasty local food as well. Having a great place to stay which also dishes out the local delicacy shouldn’t let you complain much.

There is something here for everyone and every budget and all of these are more than capable of handling the influx of tourists that flock the islands every summer. Irrespective of when you plan on visiting the island do make sure that you have already booked your rooms before leaving.

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