Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages

Explore a Trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands at Right Time

In the event that you wish to make a trek to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you are on the correct way. One can love the Greenery, and also the perfect water, and a cool wind that blows from the beginning makes the island so uncommon. This is one of the best places for the nature fans and picture takers who drive to this place. You can achieve this island with the energizing Andaman Tour Packages. What’s more, it’s for certain that, in the event that you visit this delightful goal once, you won’t lament visiting it.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages

Particularly the Nature significant others visit this island for its perfect surroundings, and also streets, and the greenery which are possessed by the coconut palms are secured with the tropical wilderness and scattered with level extends of the bow molded shorelines.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages

One can locate the astounding blend of nature’s most valuable joys, for example, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which gives an extraordinary lifetime occasion understanding. You can visit this mind-equipping place through the Andaman Nicobar Islands Tour Packages for better rebates.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages

A portion of the islands, for example, Havelock islands and Neil islands have observed to be the most enchanting islands which have been pulling in vacationers in substantial numbers. These islands are well known for its quiet white sandy shorelines which are described by the shining blue waters. Furthermore, the best time to visit the Neil islands is amid the morning time. The morning time is particularly useful for the general population who might want to go for snorkeling. Additionally, it’s best for the vacationers to appreciate the coral reef sees arranged here.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages

In this way, these Neil islands have turned into the center capital of Andaman. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have any enthusiasm for snorkeling, you can appreciate almost a shoreline by just resting in a loft perusing a book or working in a portable PC or in a tab, and offering your Andaman flying out understanding to the peruses. Likewise, there are different seats for strollers. One can rest at this place, and even get some crude coconut water to drink.

There are numerous islands like Neil and Havelock, out of which, the Viper Island is one, and separated from this island, there is another island known as the Baratang Island. In the event that you have time, you can visit this island also. While, there are some other intriguing spots to see in Andaman, for example, the limestone holes. These are the must visit places who wish to have an agenda for the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Really, there are exceptionally less places to watch in the hollows. In any case, one among the best awe-inspiring normal place that pulls in the majority of the voyagers is the speed watercraft visit. This pontoon ride has additionally been canvassed with a shade in the woods that turns into a home to the indigenous “Jarwa” tribe. Moreover, there are numerous things to do in Andaman Nicobar Islands that gets to be distinctly energizing when you look for assistance from ‘Andaman and Nicobar Islands packages.

Bird Watching in Andaman

Bird Watching Guide Training Programme jointly organised by Forest and Tourism Department is underway. Shri M.S. Negi, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Principal Secretary (E&F) inaugurated the 5days “Bird Watching Guide Training Workshop” jointly organised by the Department of Environment and Forests and Andaman Tourism Department, A&N Administration on 31.05.2016 in presence of Smti. Ankita Mishra Bundela, IAS, Secretary (Tourism), at Mini Zoo Auditorium, Haddo.


Shri M.S. Negi, IFS, PCCF and Principal Secretary (E&F) in his inaugural address, appealed to all the participants to respect the Nature and understand about their surroundings. He underlined the importance of forests, wildlife and environment and the non destructive use of the resources for promoting ecotourism in the wilderness areas of the Islands for enhancing the livelihood options. He mentioned that this training workshop is organized with the objective of promoting Bird Watching in the islands which will pave way for creating more employment opportunities by developing qualified bird watchers to open a new chapter in eco-tourism business For Andaman Tour.

Smti Ankita Mishra Bundela, IAS, Secretary (Tourism) in her presidential address expressed her happiness for the overwhelming response from the participants for the training workshop and complimented the efforts of the forest officials in organizing the same. She informed that more such capacity building programs would be organised with joint efforts of both Tourism and Forest departments For Bird Watching in Andaman She urged the participants to have more dedication, passion, commitment and involvement for bird watching activities and urged them to make use of such training programs to improve their skills and knowledge on the subject. She also underlined the need to work out a business model for bird watching programs in the Islands to reap benefits on a sustainable basis.

The PCCF and the Secretary Andaman Tourism distributed the training kit, a bag containing field equipment’s and Bird book to the participants for developing their enthusiasm and passion in bird watching.

Dr. K. Ravichandran, IFS, Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) welcomed the gathering and gave a brief overview on the Bird Watching Guide Training Workshop. He mentioned that Andaman & Nicobar Islands with 284 birds species with high level of endemic, considerable number of restricted range species of birds, diverse habitat has great potential for bird watching as an ecotourism activity.

Shri Naveen Kumar P, IFS, Deputy Conservator of Forests (WL) proposed the vote of thanks to the dignitaries and the resource persons from ZSI, ANET and NCBS, Port Blair. A total of 31 persons are attending the training workshop and the group consists of unemployed youth, tourism operators and students.

Tourists Suffer as Business Rivalry Among Private Boat Operators Takes Ugly Shape in Andaman Tourism

Port Blair, May 09: The business rivalry between Wooden Boat and Speed Boat operators has taken an ugly shape in Andaman, putting high end tourists in a soup.
Recently a sudden order was issued by South Andaman Deputy Commissioner restricted trips of all speed boats, which have out shined all old wooden boats in business by making multiple trips a day in Aberdeen- Ross Island- North Bay Sector.
The order came following a complaint made by Island Tourist Boat Operators’ Association, run by a section of boat operators, most of whom run old and wooden boats. The Complaint said that often tourists remain stranded in Ross and North Bay area because of the wrong practice of small boat operators.
The speed boat owners now allege that the Island Tourist Boat Operators’ Association is run by operators of most of the wooden and old boats, which are slow and can’t make multiple trips in a day and the order of Deputy Commissioner will only hamper the business of speed boat owners who take less tourists but make multiple trips.
“This is sad that Administration issued an order based on a single complaint without hearing the versions of small speed boat operators. DC’s order will not cause any loss to wooden boat owners as they anyway make one or two trips a day but speed boat owners like us, who make multiple trips with few tourists at a time, will suffer heavy loss. This is a business trick,” said a speed boat operator.
Tourists visiting Andaman on a package tour, which promised speed boat trip to North Bay and Ross Island now allege that Andaman Tourism is cheating with them and forcing them to travel in wooden boats which take nearly one hour, to sail between Aberdeen- Ross Island- North Bay area.
As complaint from tourists are reaching national level online tourism companies, the giant companies are now threatening the local tour operators to drag them to court, as they are unable to provide seats to their clients in speed boats for tourists because of new restrictions.
“How will tourism get promotion if orders like this are issued arbitrarily, all of a sudden and against the interest of tourists,” the speed boat operator added.
However, when protested a meeting was organised Deputy Commissioner’s office on Saturday and a new order was released on Monday allowing only three trips to speed boat owners in North Bay Sector and four in Ross Island Sector. The order said that in additional to this one additional trip will be allowed when passengers of atleast one trip is brought back to Aberdeen.
While speed boat owners are still unhappy and are demanding more trips the Deputy Commissioner of South Andaman maintained that this has been done to ensure safety of tourists.
“For Administration safety of tourists is first priority and business part or profit part comes later. What if because of this rush for tourists some speed boats collide with each other? Who would be responsible? We are here to ensure safety of tourists,” the Deputy Commissioner said.
The boat operators however refuse to accept this reply saying that if safety is a priority then why such rules were not introduced earlier and why the restrictions were imposed based on complaint lodged by a section of boat operators, who operate old, slow and wooden boats.
“Why this kind of rule is only applicable in Ross and North Bay sector and not in Elephanta beach, Baratang and rest part of Havelock? Regarding the safety issue a meeting was conducted DC’s conference hall in which  was admitted by the various agencies like PMF, TSET, IP&T manager and marine engineer (DSS) that there is no compromise made on safety in RGWSC for tourist by speed boat owners,” question another speed boat operator.

Andaman Tourism Declared Best Domestic Tourist Destination 2016

The Andaman Tourism has been declared the winner of ‘Best Domestic Tourist Destination’ under in the Tamil Nadu Tourism Award 2015. The award was received by Shri Victor Raj, DRC Chennai and Shri M Vinod, President AATO Andaman, in a function held at Hotel Ambassador Pallava Chennai. The award was presented by legendary playback singer Padma Bhushan Dr. P. Susheela in the presence of Shri Subhash Goyal, President, IATO and Shri V.K.T Balan, Chairman, TAAI, Southern Region.