​Andaman ​Tourism Department ​M​ust ​L​earn ​L​esson ​F​rom Indian Navy Jawans

Port Blair, May 09: The Bada Balu beach is one of the finest beach of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and perhaps the most neglected.
Many local media units have reported about the horrible condition of the beach but no action was initiated by the Tourism Department to either clean the beach or to construct a road to reach the beach.

Now a group of Jawans and Officers of Indian Navy have taken a lead and cleaned the Bada Balu Beach in Andaman, showing the tourism department the right way to maintain a beach.

The Badu Balu beach is always neglected. Public allege that now a days, visitors deter from venturing near the beach due to poor connectivity and lack of basic facilities. The road leading to the beach is in such poor state that even if one reaches the beach using the road, it becomes practically impossible to return due to the tattered and bumpy surface. Garbage scattered along the beach has emerged as another concern for visitors as the beach lacks garbage bins at various places. Owing to the dismal condition, the beach now wears a deserted look and has been reduced to a den of anti-social elements and love birds. This is sad that neither the Tourism Department official visit any such beaches for inspection nor reacts to media reports and with such attitude no one knows how the Administration is planning to Promote Tourism in Andaman.

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