Steps to Book Tickets in Maharajas’ Express, One of the Luxury Train in India

I have spent hours and hours in learning to effectively book tickets in Maharaja’s Express. I would like to break it down into simple steps to make it easier for you. First of all, Maharaja’s Express is one of the many luxury trains in India. They have lavishing decor and almost all services that are possible on a moving train. Luxury cabins, butlers, dining car, bar, library, lounge, souvenir shop, spa treatment and a lot of other luxury elements are found in this train. Just like all other luxury trains in India, Maharaja’s Express ticket booking can be a little daunting.

Methods of booking the ticket

Though I would prefer to use the official site of Maharaja’s Express, there are a lot of travel sites from where you can book tickets for all luxury trains in India. It is better to use a reliable travel agent. Once you reach the booking site, you would have a form that you need to fill. Before you start with the form, learn about the price of tickets. The price tends to change from time to time.

Step one: Choosing the route

The first step is to choose the route that you want to travel. There are five tours to choose from; namely, the Heritage of India, Indian Splendour, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Indian Panorama. Each route has a different time schedule, list of destinations and others.

Remember to read those in detail before you choose one. You can choose the suitable date in the next line.

Step two: Choosing cabin

 The next part of Maharaja’s Express ticket booking is choosing your cabin. There are certain categories of cabins for you to choose from. The most luxurious one is the presidential suite. There is only one presidential suite in the train. In the descending level of luxury, the other types of cabins can be listed as the suite, junior suite and deluxe cabin. You need to select the number of adults and children travelling with you. A presidential suite can hold four people and other suites can hold only two. A child below 5 years would be staying with the parent with no additional cost. A child less than 12 years can stay in the same room with the parents. If you have two children between the ages of 5 – 12, they would be staying in a separate cabin and it would cost 50% of cost of ticket of an adult.

Step three: Special requirements

After you provide your personal data like name, email address, country of residence, phone number and others, there would be a separate space for special requirements. You can request certain special needs during the stay like dietary requirements, translators and others. If you need anything specific, you need to mention in this space else, it cannot be provided for you during your stay.

Step four: query submission

Once you complete the list and send, an acknowledgment page opens. You cannot book your ticket in a single day. You need to initially send this query and then a representative will contact you within a few days.

Step five: Payment

Once you get the call from representative about the s other details, you need to pay 25% of the ticket cost and tax as registration during booking. You need to completely pay for the ticket at least 75 days before the departure date. Once you complete the payment, you would get the ticket through your email within a few weeks before the departure date. You need to have a copy of the ticket with you throughout the journey.

The hardest part of all is the rush that you get during the holidays. It is better to book at least four months before the departure date so that if you have second thoughts, you can cancel the tickets. If you cancel the tickets two months before the departure date, you can get 75% of the ticket cost. If you cancel before 45 days, you would get 50% of the money and beyond that, there will be no return.

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