6 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Goa Trip In Summer

While you might see the majority of people visiting Goa after the monsoon, there are ample of reasons to visit it even during summer months. Yes, it definitely gets hot and humid during that time, with the hot breeze, swaying palms and white sandy beaches giving a tropical feel. Nonetheless, it is also one the best times to visit the beach state. Read on to find more about it. You can check for Delhi to Goa flights fare Indigo, Spicejet or Go Air, to reach your destination.


Here are some more reasons why Goa is a perfect place to visit during summers.


Cheaper flight tickets – To find stupendously high flight tickets to Goa during the months from October to December, is not something you don’t know about. However, booking a flight to Goa during the summer months is lot cheaper, as it is the off-season. Not only the tickets, but it also promises to get you cheaper accommodation and discounts in restaurants and pubs. So, if you’re planning to visit Goa this year, make it happen in Summer. You can check for Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi to Goa flights fare Indigo, Spicejet or Go Air, to reach your destination.


Super economical holiday destination – After you’ve got cheap flight tickets, expect more cheap thrills with hassle free and discounted modes of accommodation. You can also find low priced guided tours and discount on shopping, food and liquor. Unlike other days, this would be the time when you could truly enjoy Goa without having to wait in line for hours. You get to save a lot and thus, you can indulge in other activities with your savings.


Go crazy shopping – Goa is the place to shop till you drop. The phrase that actually comes true when shopping during the Summer months. The markets are getting rid of old stuff and stocking up the new styles, thus, you can pick items at exceptionally low prices. Discounted rates, more variety of products and fewer crowds in the markets, makes your shopping experience completely relaxing and hassle free.


Less crowded beaches – Remember those cramped beaches, where finding a square foot of empty land is like finding gold? Goa is exactly the same during the peak holiday season. But, if you’re travelling in summer, expect fewer people in the beaches. The lesser the crowd, the more you can enjoy a rejuvenating time in Goa, soak some good Sun, and you have more space to enjoy the spectacular beaches of Goa.


Get drenched in watersports – Summer is the best time to enjoy the various thrilling watersports like parasailing, jet skiing, speedboats, and snorkelling. Enjoy the amazing marine life and spectacular views of Goa without having to worry about cost and time.

Go wild clicking pictures – Summer in Goa is a paradise for photographers. It is the best time to click various pictures of the state and experiment with different angles. Clicking pictures are more fun during summers because of the less crowded beaches, forts and monuments along with breathtaking early morning and sunset views.

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