A look into the cultural mix of India’s top cities

Whenever we travel to a new destination, we learn and experience a new culture. Something different from our own and what we were taught since childhood and the new piece of information obtained is often fascinating to anyone. What if you can learn about multiple cultures on a single visit? Read on.

One of the biggest pleasures of travelling is learning about new things, experiencing new culture and meeting new people. While some destinations present a beautiful experience of its culture and tradition, some offer a mixture of more than one. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi have so many people from different background and culture living together that you see a different mix of cultures under one roof.

Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan metro city in India. In this city, you will people from all races, caste creed and tribe settled to make a living in the city. The actual Maharashtrian culture is slowly vanishing from the city and cultural background getting more and more bleek, making a great example of having to lose something to gain something. Mumbai became this world famous extravagant city to give up its cultural roots and welcomes everyone who can make the city greater. However if you are looking for a cultural mix, not just in terms of the facial and individual backgrounds, head over to Delhi. The Delhi NCR itself has parts of two great states of India within its territory – Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. A Delhi to Ghaziabad cab takes just about an hour from the city. Same goes for NOIDA and Gurgaon.

Unlike Mumbai where the cultural background differs from person to person, Delhi offers you a much more deeper perspective into their culture as you are actually in the homeland and stronghold of those cultures. Stepping on the home soil and experiencing the culture and lifestyle weighs much more than learning about it from hearsay.

These places like Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad are not only the hub for corporate offices where the working professionals spend most part of the day but also make for a great visit. Ghaziabad has some notable temples worth visiting. Noida is getting highly commercialized with time and is today one of the best places to live around Delhi. Gurgaon is the ultimate corporate hub and is dotted with various entertainment establishments. Gurgaon is one place you can visit with a group of friends, with your partner or family and kids to have a great time.

All in all, Delhi is one hell of place to witness and experience a mixture of diverse cultural backgrounds. Without having to go much far and just making an hour’s journey, you can be in different states by an intra-city taxi booking or simply taking the metro. In addition to that, if you have time on your hands, you can take a one-day trip to other states like Punjab, Himachal or Uttarakhand! Now how does that sound?

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