Plan And Book Your Next Journey Using Journey Planner Tool

A successful passenger information system should be one which is easy to access, intuitive to use and should provide accurate and up-to-date information. In simple words, it needs to make travel easy.

There are various online sellers of train tickets such as Trainline, which help you to make your planning journeys simple, quick and efficient with the help of journey planner tools.

Using these journey planner tools, you can easily check live train departures, fare details and arrival times ahead of time just simply sitting at home, so that you get where you need to be efficiently and cheaply.

Journey planner tools are also used to identify which trains are peak, off-peak or super off-peak which would help you to get the best deals. You can save 43% on average by simply booking in advance through Trainline.

In order to save on your travel fare, here are some of the quick tips which would help you to plan your next journey more effectively:

  • Book in advance: You can save an average of 43% on your train ticket by buying tickets in advance rather than buying at the station on the day. The earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you are to save. Advance tickets go on sale usually 12 weeks in advance.

You can also sign up to Ticket Alert to know as soon as the tickets go on sale since the cheapest advance tickets sell out fast. For this, you would need to know the exact day and train you want to travel on since advance tickets are restricted to a specific train.

  • Singles can be cheaper: Single tickets are often cheaper than a return. In order for you to get the best deals, Trainline highlights the cheapest available end-to-end ticket on the website. You could purchase as many different journeys as you wish in one transaction, in case you are booking a return journey, the Trainline’s matrix will show you the best combination of two singles or return fares. In case if they are separate journeys, you simply need to click on “Add another journey” before proceeding to payment.

  • Be flexible: For saving efficiently on your tickets, avoid travelling at peak times. Travelling very early, mid day and late in the evening tend to be cheaper.

  • Use a railcard: On the trainline, you could use railcards and save 1/3 off rail tickets.

For further information, you can contact The Trainline Contact Number.

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