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Andaman is known for the water adventure sports and the sea life viewing. Andaman Island is a reachable place from all the states of India. There are several Andaman tour packages from Chennai available for the suitable travelers to the Andaman Island. Chennai is based on a flat coastal plain land in the state of Tamil Nadu and well known as the gateway to South India. People can easily plan a summer vacation to the Andaman Island with the Andaman tour packages from Chennai.
The place, Andaman is full of exotic beaches, scenic beauty of the landscapes, and the lush green. The famous Havelock Island is a perfect place for the people to spend good time at various luxurious beach resorts. The island in Andaman offers some great restaurants that serve mouthwatering dishes. The Andaman tour packages from Chennai offer a great hotel stay at the exotic and beautiful Havelock Island to their clients.
The island treats the adventure lovers very well. There are various water sport activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, diving, sea water, and much more for the enjoyment and exploration. The Andaman tour packages from Chennai also have a provision for their clients to visit the cellular jail build in the Andaman years ago. The whole different experience is received by the people who choose the visit the place. The Andaman Island is not a place where anyone can get bored. There are various small islands like little Andaman, Mayabunder, and alike that are less visited by travelers. These are isolated pieces of nature that provide the most exotic experience of the nature. Travelling to these private and isolated pieces of lands in the Andaman gives a lifetime experience to all the nature lovers. Limited resources, limited people, and most of the nature are available at such places.  These places are best for a vacation with anyone who loves nature and wishes to explore the beauty of natural things.
The connectivity between Chennai and Andaman is quite well. There are various flights that run between the Chennai - Andaman stretch on a regular basis. These flights take few hours to reach the destination. There are a couple of highly comfortable as well as luxurious flights that are available under the Andaman tour packages from Chennai. So choose these tour packages and enjoy the most peaceful stay near the natural landscapes in the Andaman.



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