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The visit of the Andaman Island will lead in the enjoyment of the beauty and bliss of exotic beaches. One may explore around 500 plus beautiful islands while visiting the great Andaman Islands. The Andaman Island is situated in the waters of Bay of Bengal, towards the east side of Indian mainland. Andaman tour packages from Kerala offer great services to their clients.
Andaman is a beautiful place to enjoy and relax near the beaches. The beaches are spread all over the island. One can choose any beach from innumerable beaches offered by the Andaman tour packages from Kerala. The choice and selection depends on the visitors only. Some of the beaches are:

  • The Havelock Island
  • The Ross and smith Island
  • The guitar Island
  • The Raman Bageecha beach
  • The Neil Island

All these beaches offer great resorts with world class facilities to their customers. The travelers may experience one in a lifetime experience by staying at these beach resorts. The beautiful view from each of the room is a treat for each and everyone who stays at these beach resorts. Andaman tour packages from Kerala offers multiple beach resorts. These beach resorts are an ideal choice of stay for the honeymooners travelling to Andaman.
There are various small and isolated islands situated nearby the Andaman Island. One such island is the Little Andaman Island. This island treats the visitors with exotic white sand beaches, exciting elephant safari, beautiful waterfalls, adventurous boating and sea surfing, wonderful elephant calves training, and much more. The island is a destination for those who wish to enjoy the nature at the most. The beauty of nature is experienced only by those who experience such things in life. So this place can be suitable and ideal for all types of people. Whether they are newlywed couples, adventure lovers, nature lovers, or even families all can enjoy at the Andaman.
The reach from Kerala is also very easy. The Andaman tour packages from Kerala provide three medium of transportation between this stretch, Kerala – Andaman. The flying option is really quick, that makes the quickest reach to the place. The cheapest way to reach Andaman from Kerala is by train. Last but not the least, the option of ferry for the ones who would wish to travel by sea is also available for this stretch.



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