Plan And Book Your Next Journey Using Journey Planner Tool

A successful passenger information system should be one which is easy to access, intuitive to use and should provide accurate and up-to-date information. In simple words, it needs to make travel easy.

There are various online sellers of train tickets such as Trainline, which help you to make your planning journeys simple, quick and efficient with the help of journey planner tools.

Using these journey planner tools, you can easily check live train departures, fare details and arrival times ahead of time just simply sitting at home, so that you get where you need to be efficiently and cheaply.

Journey planner tools are also used to identify which trains are peak, off-peak or super off-peak which would help you to get the best deals. You can save 43% on average by simply booking in advance through Trainline.

In order to save on your travel fare, here are some of the quick tips which would help you to plan your next journey more effectively:

  • Book in advance: You can save an average of 43% on your train ticket by buying tickets in advance rather than buying at the station on the day. The earlier you book your tickets, the more likely you are to save. Advance tickets go on sale usually 12 weeks in advance.

You can also sign up to Ticket Alert to know as soon as the tickets go on sale since the cheapest advance tickets sell out fast. For this, you would need to know the exact day and train you want to travel on since advance tickets are restricted to a specific train.

  • Singles can be cheaper: Single tickets are often cheaper than a return. In order for you to get the best deals, Trainline highlights the cheapest available end-to-end ticket on the website. You could purchase as many different journeys as you wish in one transaction, in case you are booking a return journey, the Trainline’s matrix will show you the best combination of two singles or return fares. In case if they are separate journeys, you simply need to click on “Add another journey” before proceeding to payment.

  • Be flexible: For saving efficiently on your tickets, avoid travelling at peak times. Travelling very early, mid day and late in the evening tend to be cheaper.

  • Use a railcard: On the trainline, you could use railcards and save 1/3 off rail tickets.

For further information, you can contact The Trainline Contact Number.

Take Time Out at Tadoba Tiger Resort to Appreciate How Business Travelers Can Bridge Cultural Gaps

Travelling on business can end up being extremely tiresome if you need to do it very often and that too across time zones and ethnicities. Apart from the sheer physical toll that it takes on travelers, those who visit different countries also need to take care that the cultural divide is bridged appropriately and their counterparts in the foreign countries accept them with grace. Business travelers live in perpetual fear of committing gaffes that could throw a spanner in the works as far as office work is concerned.

The Reasons Why Business Travelers Should Pay Attention to Cultural Gaps?

The worst mistake that people travelling on business can make is to assume that the folks they will be interacting with think, behave, and communicate in the very same way as they do themselves, and that they have a similar approach to conducting business. Regretfully, this is quite far from actual reality. Cultures across the world have their own distinct way of behaving and appreciating things. This starts with apparently simple things like greeting the people being visited, the sort of apparel that is considered appropriate, the language and its delivery, the type of gifts that are acceptable and of course, what and how food is partaken. Unless you do proper research on these aspects, it is quite likely that you will commit a blunder.

Some Common Cultural Gaffes – Body Language

As a typical westerner, you would think nothing of offering your hand for a firm handshake, look the person directly in the eye, and offer him your business card with one hand, but in many cultures, especially, Asian, this could send down very bad vibes as they would expect a gentler and more ceremonial handshake or even a bow with eye contact anything but direct. Business cards too are offered with a bow and with both the hands. You will be expected to exchange pleasantries and establish relationships before getting down to business.

In many Asian countries, the left hand is considered unclean, so eating, greeting and touching should always be with the right hand. It is best not to point and definitely not the done-thing to indicate anything with your leg or feet. Crossing legs is not acceptable in many cultures, especially in Japan, where it is considered very rude. Be careful of using informal expressions such as a “thumbs-up” because people may not be familiar with it and interpret it differently. Backslapping should be completely avoided as it is considered too familiar.

Some Common Cultural Gaffes – Apparel & Dressing

In many Asian countries like India and Thailand as well as Russia, you should take care to remove your shoes before entering your host’s home. It not only helps to maintain cleanliness but indicates that the outside world is being left where it should be. In most Asian and Arab countries it is not appropriate to have your legs exposed, and if you are female, then you need to keep yourself covered up very well. Unless you are sure of the occasion, avoid dressing too casually. In China do not wear white, it’s the color of death, and in Malaysia avoid yellow as it is reserved for the royalty. Dressing for wildlife safaris, however can be quite different – read about what you should do on

Some Common Cultural Gaffes – Food

Food and eating habits are so different in many countries that it is best to take the advice of a friendly local to prevent a serious blooper. Remember while beef is okay, pork is a strict no-no in all Moslem countries and even in many parts of India. The Japanese and the Chinese have elaborate tea drinking ceremonies and you need to keep a sharp eye out as to how it is being conducted. It is best not to speak during a meal, unless your hosts themselves are encouraging it. Eating sparingly is always a good idea but don’t eat so less that your hosts think that you don’t like their food. Alcohol can be a big issue in most countries; in many places you are not expected to consume it while in Russia you can go completely wrong if you refuse a shot of Vodka!

Consequences of Committing Cultural Gaffes

While earlier if you had committed a blooper you would have been really looked down upon, with globalization there is increasingly familiarity with the customs followed in various countries. Small mistakes are easily forgiven but the consequences of your actions that cause the hosts to lose face can be pretty severe. Hence be sure to read up specifically on the customs of each country that you visit and if possible try and be accompanied by a local who will steer you away from severe damage.


Author bio: Isabella Rossellini is a very well-known nature conservationist. An expert on the subject, she travels the world sharing his experiences. You can read more of her articles on



Visit Goa with your friends and loved ones & experience its fabulous weather, warm hospitality, beauty of lush green nature & exciting cools of sprawling beaches with comforts of cold beer, cartwheels & cozy warmth of the bonfire.



Goa is excellently connected with all other Indian states by air & train services. Visitors from Southern states have additional benefit of luxury bus services at moderate costs. Dabolim international airport at Vasco Da Gama benefits the foreign tourists.



You can get world class accommodation with attractive discounts in various starred hotels in the city & along the lively expanse of beautiful beaches. In the off season, especially during monsoon, the offered discounts can go upto 50-60% due to less number of foreign tourists. A popular hotel in Goa is Hard Rock Hotel at Calangute beach. You can saturate yourself with a new and refreshing lifestyle at this place.


Goa has diverse cultures with various festivals & traditional Latin Carnivals, that are usually celebrated together by people of all faith. They welcome & enjoy with the tourists who can also join their celebrations.




# The beautiful VAGATOR BEACH where Arabian Sea merges with famous Chapora river waters. Other prefferred beaches are: CALANGUTE, BAGA, CANDOLIM, BOGMALO etc.


# While at CHAPORA FORT, take a “Dil Chahta Hai” selfie when the weather is cloudy. It can be an exciting experience.

# Wildlife sanctuaries-

MHADEI: famous for Bengal tigers,  BHAGWAN MAHAVEER & MOLLEM  NATIONAL PARK: famous for Dudhsagar falls & trekking,  BONDLA: famous for deer park & mini zoo.

# Beautiful lush green Paddy fields, Spices plantations & a Cashew Distillery along the verdant valleys of Savoi-Verem premises are worth clicking.


#’Fenni’ is the world famous local alcohol. Men jump into wells to fetch “fenni” during the  FERTILITY FEAST OF SAO JOAO/ ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST which is celebrated on June 24.

#Men sing & dance while sailing rafts into the rivers during FESTIVAL OF ST. PETER & PAUL which is celebrated in July. Floating colorful stages are erected in the rivers and many cultural programs are organised.

#The BONDERAM FESTIVAL is all about famous local Bands performing with vigor & parading with vibrant multi colored flags. This festival is celebrated in August every year.


*Margaon, the 2nd largest city, is the commercial capital of Goa.

*Ponda, 28km away from Panaji is cultural capital of Goan Hindus & is called the land of temples.

*Mapusa is the city where vendors from all over Goa come to sell their goods on discounted price.

*Velha Goa is the old Goa- was capital of Portuguese till 18th century- situated on the banks of Mandovi river. It has world heritage sites and is known for Churches Bascilica, St.Caetano se Cathedral & Church of Assisi.




Rent Scooters @₹200-300 to ride in group along the city & other places and enjoy the visit to your utmost satisfaction. During the monsoon, the raindrops splashing across your faces while you cheerfully drive through the stimulating wind- would be an experience of the lifetime. The music at Park Hotel in Calangute is an ideal indoor partying place but partying outdoor in the evening on the sprawling sea beach & feeling the soft warmth of the bonfire while relaxing on the cartwheels around & leisurely sipping on the cold beer is most enjoying with a group of friends.


Written by Uday Prakash Sinha, a hobbyist blogger and a voracious tourist. Uday is a retired civil engineer and is quite active with political reading and tweeting. You can reach him at @udaypsinha

15 Best Travelling Tips To Travelling in India

India is a multicultural country with cosmopolitan cities. It’s vivid in every sense with generations intermingling with ages old values and 21st-century technology running in their genes. With such a huge mix of ideas, thoughts and values surrounding; it’s a good idea to gear up with some

Dos and Dont’s for a safe and happy journey. So are some tips to travel to India:

  1. Airports: Airports are the first thing you will encounter while being in India. While airports happen to be one of the safest places in India; it’s good to keep some things in mind. Allow yourself some extra time to reach airport as road traffics are quite unpredictable. So, leave at least half an hour early to reach on time. Always carry a print- out or paper – ticket as some airports might refuse entry if you DO NOT have paper – ticket with you. Security checks take a lot of time and immigration counters can have big lines; so prepared to stand for a long time in the queues.
  2. Scammed or Ripped: There are ways one can avoid being scammed or ripped in overly – crowded places. To avoid getting scammed, don’t get into bargaining instead walk into a fixed price shop, do not give alms to beggars, do not get into fake looking information centers, avoid buying trinkets and gemstones often sold on roadside of religious places, do not pay upfront for any service of any kind, always have GPRS with you, visit only known cafe houses and go by meter only if going by autorickshaws often found in small towns and villages. Best of all hire pre – paid taxis to avoid paying too much. And Exchange money only at Indian Bank ATM’s like State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank or Yes Bank. You can also visit the banks for the same.
  3. Visiting Hindu Temples or religious Places: If any of Hindu Temple or any other religious place in your list then you must take care some things. Before entering the place always remove shoes outside the monument/temple. Try to get special blessings given in the form of “ Special Darshan”. These prayers often include special prayers. However, this is not compulsory. You can take VIP entry to avoid huge crowds by paying $5 – $10 more. If you wish to donate in these religious places; then keep some change with you. Hire a temple guide to get real information about the temple.
  4. Drinking Water: Water can be quite contaminated in India. So, always get packaged drinking water. Some of best names include Bisleri, Kinley, Himalaya, Aquafina and such others. Even if you are travelling in winters; it’s good to keep oneself hydrated all the time. You can also carry electrolytes for cooler stomachs! Also, avoid spices like Ginger and Cardamom Indian tea.
  5. Money Matters: While you are in India; you need to carry cash even if you have a Travel Card with you all the time! So always keep Indian Rupees all the time. Try to avoid airport exchange counters if it is not necessary and can be avoided as airports give poor currency exchange rates. If you need more than INR 10,000 at a time; use a CITIBANK or YES BANK ATM for easy transactions.  10 rupees notes come very handy while in India, so always carry an entire wad of 10 rupees notes.
  6. Keep your passport safely: While travelling always keep your passport safely as there are pickpocketers all around; so keep it under wraps. You can either conceal it in your inner pocket or number lock travel pouch. Always keep photocopies of important documents like passport, credit cards and ID Cards.
  7. Transportation: Indian driving can make you go crazy, so avoid walking on the roads. Always walk on pavement and always hold hands of your kids while in crowded areas like markets or walk-ways. Try to take a ride in any of the Indian trains for a different experience; just avoid the food they give on trains as it can be quite spicy.
  8. Hotel Bookings: Try to book hotels pre – hand as they can be quite costly in tourist season. If you booking a 5-star hotel then its really not a worry but if you are looking for a budget hotel then you can tick OFF amenities like free toiletries, water bottles, extra pillows and bed sheets and even an assistance to carry your baggage to a hotel room. So, choose wisely or ask your tour operator to do it for you.
  9. Keep Sanitization with you: If you are overly sensitive to cleanliness, then keep hand – sanitizer and room freshener with you. Rather, it’s a good idea if you have kids along.
  10. Packing list: Here is a list of things which you should carry with you while travelling in India. Always keep Passport pouch, power adapter, Charcoal tablets, Probiotics, electrolytes, SteriPEN water purifier, first aid kit, Travel Insurance and a travel guide.
  11. For Women: If you happen to be alone women traveller or are a women group traveller then try to wear full body covered clothes like Jeans, t- shirts, long – skirts and likewise. Even 3/4ths are okay to wear. If have real friends in India, keep in touch with them. Try to travel in the group, keep your eyes and mind open, don’t trust strangers too much, be polite and be courteous but strong. AVOID GOING OUT IN DARK ALONE OR IN DARK AND UNKNOWN PLACES ALONE. DO NOT Eat or drink food items from strangers.
  12. Cultural Dos and DONTs: Don’t touch opposite sex, avoid drinking in public places, don’t give money to beggars, avoid taking photos in religious places, don’t wear short skirts or shorts in public in small cities and don’t show anger until necessary.
  13. Learn Vedas: India is lands of scriptures and vedas. If you happen to tour places like Varanasi; do try to get some knowledge about vedas and old scriptures. There is a lot of knowledge around.
  14. Enjoy Festivals: If possible enjoy at least one festival of India like Diwali or Ghanghor. These are a pure reflection of Indian culture and tradition. You will definitely enjoy.
  15. Keep Important Numbers with you: Always keep important numbers like Police Helpline Number 100 with you. In fact, memorise numbers like an emergency number, a hotel you are staying in number and your guide number; it will be very helpful in the time of need. Take the South India tour packages and explore the various destinations such as Goa and Kerala etc.

6 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Goa Trip In Summer

While you might see the majority of people visiting Goa after the monsoon, there are ample of reasons to visit it even during summer months. Yes, it definitely gets hot and humid during that time, with the hot breeze, swaying palms and white sandy beaches giving a tropical feel. Nonetheless, it is also one the best times to visit the beach state. Read on to find more about it. You can check for Delhi to Goa flights fare Indigo, Spicejet or Go Air, to reach your destination.


Here are some more reasons why Goa is a perfect place to visit during summers.


Cheaper flight tickets – To find stupendously high flight tickets to Goa during the months from October to December, is not something you don’t know about. However, booking a flight to Goa during the summer months is lot cheaper, as it is the off-season. Not only the tickets, but it also promises to get you cheaper accommodation and discounts in restaurants and pubs. So, if you’re planning to visit Goa this year, make it happen in Summer. You can check for Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi to Goa flights fare Indigo, Spicejet or Go Air, to reach your destination.


Super economical holiday destination – After you’ve got cheap flight tickets, expect more cheap thrills with hassle free and discounted modes of accommodation. You can also find low priced guided tours and discount on shopping, food and liquor. Unlike other days, this would be the time when you could truly enjoy Goa without having to wait in line for hours. You get to save a lot and thus, you can indulge in other activities with your savings.


Go crazy shopping – Goa is the place to shop till you drop. The phrase that actually comes true when shopping during the Summer months. The markets are getting rid of old stuff and stocking up the new styles, thus, you can pick items at exceptionally low prices. Discounted rates, more variety of products and fewer crowds in the markets, makes your shopping experience completely relaxing and hassle free.


Less crowded beaches – Remember those cramped beaches, where finding a square foot of empty land is like finding gold? Goa is exactly the same during the peak holiday season. But, if you’re travelling in summer, expect fewer people in the beaches. The lesser the crowd, the more you can enjoy a rejuvenating time in Goa, soak some good Sun, and you have more space to enjoy the spectacular beaches of Goa.


Get drenched in watersports – Summer is the best time to enjoy the various thrilling watersports like parasailing, jet skiing, speedboats, and snorkelling. Enjoy the amazing marine life and spectacular views of Goa without having to worry about cost and time.

Go wild clicking pictures – Summer in Goa is a paradise for photographers. It is the best time to click various pictures of the state and experiment with different angles. Clicking pictures are more fun during summers because of the less crowded beaches, forts and monuments along with breathtaking early morning and sunset views.

A Trip to Two Major Holy Sites in India Haridwar and Puri

While a trip to some hill station or major city might sound tempting, you have not seen India if you haven’t been a part of its festive celebrations; and not just any celebrations. This article talks about a visit to two of the top pilgrimage sites in India and witnessing the festivals in the respective cities which host, probably the biggest turnouts of devotees compared to any other pilgrimage sites in India.

If you are a Hindu and looking for the perfect pilgrimage journey, where better on earth than India? The country has a wealth of some of the most prominent Hindu sites in the country. From the far north of India to the extreme south, the country is dotted with pilgrimage sites all over. One of the most popular pilgrimage site in India is the city of Puri, owing to the Jagannath temple the city shelters. Each year, the city gets millions of visitors all thanks to the festivals held in the temple. Another major pilgrimage site in India is the city of Haridwar. Haridwar is a city in Uttarakhand and is one of the sites for the grand Maha Kumbh celebrations. These two destinations can be approached by the Kalinga Utkal express (train) which originates at Puri and stops at Haridwar as its last stop. You can check the 18477 running status online to see the live status of where the train is and at what time will it arrive or depart at a particular train station.

Widely known all over the world for being the abode of Lord Jagannath, The city of Puri is hands down one of the most popular and sought after pilgrimage sites by the hindus all over the world. It is one of the four sacred char dhams and attracts a huge horde of devotees each and every year during the main festival held in its majestic Jagannath temple. The city not only works as a pilgrimage site but also as a brilliant heritage visit as the age old monuments, temples and the various ancient architectures make up for some great sightseeing, and also helps you learn alot more about Hinduism and the devotion and faith of the devotees towards their religion. The Jagannath temple of Puri is undoubtedly the main tourist attraction to Puri. It is the main reason which puts Odisha in the global tourism map. During the festivals in this temple. The whole city comes to halt. If you are a tourist or simply a traveller wanting to explore Puri, it is best advised you do not pick your time of travel during the festive seasons as keeping aside privacy and getting through sites easily for sightseeing, it is not even safe. You can visit during the off seasons and take your time around the city. However, if it is the festive seasons is the time you want to see when the city is fully decorated, colourful and lively, there’s nothing wrong with it! Just be cautious and enjoy your stay!

Regarded as one of the seven most holiest places to Hindus all over the world, the city of Haridwar is the holy grail of pilgrimage sites in India. The city is everything from exciting, beautiful and charming. It has an air of divinity, beautiful landscapes and also an exciting place for people looking for an adventurous getaway. One of the prime attraction to Haridwar are its festivals. There are various festivals celebrated in Haridwar on a yearly basis however the standout amongst all is the Maha Kumbh Mela, which happens only once in 12 years in Haridwar. The Mahakumbh mela is celebrated only in 4 destinations (Ujjain, Allahabad, Haridwar and Nashik) around the world after every 3 years. Hence, it happens in Haridwar after every 12 years and draws a crowd of several millions. The other yearly festivals the city celebrates on a yearly basis are Kartik Purnima, Baisakhi, Somwati Amavasya and Kanwar Mela. Of these yearly festivals, the Kanwar Mela is the most popular drawing a crowd of about 3,00,000 visitors each year. Another thing that makes Haridwar unique is the fact that, it is the starting point of your journey towards enlightenment in the two most sacred rivers in India — Ganga and Yamuna. It is also among the top four pilgrimage site of Uttarakhand named as the Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand.

So, a visit to two of these top pilgrimage sites in India should give you a fair idea of how the people of India celebrate their religion and how strongly and dearly they hold their faith in their religion.

Steps to Book Tickets in Maharajas’ Express, One of the Luxury Train in India

I have spent hours and hours in learning to effectively book tickets in Maharaja’s Express. I would like to break it down into simple steps to make it easier for you. First of all, Maharaja’s Express is one of the many luxury trains in India. They have lavishing decor and almost all services that are possible on a moving train. Luxury cabins, butlers, dining car, bar, library, lounge, souvenir shop, spa treatment and a lot of other luxury elements are found in this train. Just like all other luxury trains in India, Maharaja’s Express ticket booking can be a little daunting.

Methods of booking the ticket

Though I would prefer to use the official site of Maharaja’s Express, there are a lot of travel sites from where you can book tickets for all luxury trains in India. It is better to use a reliable travel agent. Once you reach the booking site, you would have a form that you need to fill. Before you start with the form, learn about the price of tickets. The price tends to change from time to time.

Step one: Choosing the route

The first step is to choose the route that you want to travel. There are five tours to choose from; namely, the Heritage of India, Indian Splendour, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Indian Panorama. Each route has a different time schedule, list of destinations and others.

Remember to read those in detail before you choose one. You can choose the suitable date in the next line.

Step two: Choosing cabin

 The next part of Maharaja’s Express ticket booking is choosing your cabin. There are certain categories of cabins for you to choose from. The most luxurious one is the presidential suite. There is only one presidential suite in the train. In the descending level of luxury, the other types of cabins can be listed as the suite, junior suite and deluxe cabin. You need to select the number of adults and children travelling with you. A presidential suite can hold four people and other suites can hold only two. A child below 5 years would be staying with the parent with no additional cost. A child less than 12 years can stay in the same room with the parents. If you have two children between the ages of 5 – 12, they would be staying in a separate cabin and it would cost 50% of cost of ticket of an adult.

Step three: Special requirements

After you provide your personal data like name, email address, country of residence, phone number and others, there would be a separate space for special requirements. You can request certain special needs during the stay like dietary requirements, translators and others. If you need anything specific, you need to mention in this space else, it cannot be provided for you during your stay.

Step four: query submission

Once you complete the list and send, an acknowledgment page opens. You cannot book your ticket in a single day. You need to initially send this query and then a representative will contact you within a few days.

Step five: Payment

Once you get the call from representative about the s other details, you need to pay 25% of the ticket cost and tax as registration during booking. You need to completely pay for the ticket at least 75 days before the departure date. Once you complete the payment, you would get the ticket through your email within a few weeks before the departure date. You need to have a copy of the ticket with you throughout the journey.

The hardest part of all is the rush that you get during the holidays. It is better to book at least four months before the departure date so that if you have second thoughts, you can cancel the tickets. If you cancel the tickets two months before the departure date, you can get 75% of the ticket cost. If you cancel before 45 days, you would get 50% of the money and beyond that, there will be no return.

Top Five Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the land of biriyani and Nizams. There are many monuments, temples, sightseeing places and a lot more. If you are visiting the city for a vacation, there are a lot of interesting places that are a little far away from Hyderabad and would be a nice place for a serene weekend getaway. This article talks about the top five weekend getaway places from Hyderabad.


Warangal is about 144 km away from Hyderabad. It takes about three hours to reach there. It is a heritage city. Top attractions in Warangal are the Fort of Warangal, thousand pillar temple, Bhadrakali temple and others. If you are not into temples and architecture, there is a lake in Warangal where you can spot a few birds or have picnic and take a stroll. This is the place for a simple outdoor weekend for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Kurnool is located 213.5 km away from Hyderabad. It takes 2.5 hours to reach Kurnool from Hyderabad. There are a lot of historic sites in this place like Belum caves, Yaganti temple and others. But, the most interesting ones are the rivers that flow through this place, the Hundri River and the Neeva River. You can have some water related activities in these rivers. Do not attempt to swim in the rivers unless you are very versed in swimming. Do not forget to visit the Rock Garden of Oravakallu.


Guntur is a common name that you would come across in Hyderabad. It is 266 km away from Hyderabad and it takes more than 4 hours to reach the place from Hyderabad. But, the place is really worth the trouble you take to travel. You can spend a whole day at Uppalapadu Nature Conservation. You can see a lot of migration birds and a few other animals there. If you love nature or photography, you would love this place. Other important attractions in Guntur are Kondaveedu Fort, Undavalli caves and Sringeri Mutt.


Adilabad is located 305 km away from Hyderabad. The first beauty is the drive towards this place. It will be a serene drive with changing environment and a lot of green spots to explore. Once you reach there, the first thing to enjoy is the Kuntala falls. Pochera Falls would look more beautiful in daylight. These falls are very mesmerizing and apart from these there are many other attractions like Kawal wildlife sanctuary, Pranahitha wildlife sanctuary and Shivaram wildlife sanctuary. There are a few monuments, temples and other attractions in Adilabad.


Mahabubnagar is located 108 km away from Hyderabad. It takes two hours to reach this place. There are a lot of religious places and historic sites in this area. If you are a photo enthusiast, you would love this place. The most exciting attraction of all is the Mallela Theertham waterfalls. You can spend a whole day at this waterfalls getting wet, having a picnic and enjoying romantic strolls.

Hyderabad is an attraction by itself. If you are looking for places around Hyderabad to have a blast for a couple of days, the above stated places would be the best choices. Always keep an eye on the climate before you start. Summers can be a bit harsh and dehydrating in this area.

Best Tour Operator in Andaman – Why Should You Be Interested in Andaman Honeymoon Packages?

Are you a romantic rhapsodist married recently? Now looking for an ideal romantic getaway to make your honeymoon trip something special and memorable? If yes, look no further than Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You are sure to have the endless pleasure and some exotic ways to spice up your togetherness.

The picturesque landscape, gorgeous green surroundings, beautiful beaches, tranquil sea, and azure blue lagoons will make you romantic and inspire you to spend your golden days in some ecstatic ways which are far-reaching of common ebullience of life and rustic mirth. The vibrant atmosphere of Andaman will transpire instant fires at every pore. The dense forests and pristine lagoons will give you a lagoon like existence to spend some beautiful moments with your spouse in some passionate and sensuous ways.

Why Andaman Honeymoon Packages


Naturally, a large percentage of newly-married couples pay a visit to this land, choosing it as their perfect romantic honeymoon destination. A vast majority of them are keen to make their newlywed life spicy and colourful. Therefore, they are least bothered about other common daily life activities like arranging food, accommodation, etc.  To help these people best, many tourism promoters and travel organizers have come forward to offer attractive Andaman Honeymoon Packages. Although there are different packages including various common and customize services, most of these packages target to give you a delightful experience. You can spend sweet moments with your sweetheart in an undisturbed manner.


Have a look the Andaman honeymoon packages:

  1. 3 Nights and 4 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  2. 4 Nights and 5 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  3. 5 Nights and 6 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  4. 6 Nights and 7 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  5. 7 Nights and 8 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package
  6. 8 Nights and 9 Days Andaman Honeymoon Package

Andaman honeymoon packages target to maximize fun

Most of these Andaman honeymoon packages have been designed to maximize your fun activities and minimize the daily life hazards. If you are interested in making your days spicy, colourful and rocking, you can choose luxury honeymoon packages in Andaman. These packages include more value-added service apart from offering common services like food, accommodation, etc. Most of the local organizers have a very good league with the local officers and communities. They can offer you customized service that can make your Andaman tour more exciting and memorable.

Andaman Bluebay Holidays is one of such organizers providing the honeymooners with customized services. For the quality service, one-on-one care, affordable services, Andaman Bluebay Holidays has bagged the award of “The Best Tourism Promoter in the Andaman Islands”

To know about our exciting Andaman honeymoon packages, you can follow this link:

Enjoy an attractive and beautiful beach holiday in the Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most attractive and beautiful parts of India. These are a group of small islands in the Bay of Bengal and are recognized as one of the most striking among applicants for a perfect holiday destination. The place is one of the seven territories of the countries of the Union existed long before independence. You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the beaches, exciting wildlife, blue lagoons, exciting excursions and spectacular marine life.

This beautiful place attracts visitors from distant places and tourists have changed the perception of the place and are very eager to explore this beautiful place. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an ideal place for people from different parts of the tourist destination of the world. In addition, packages are available all year. Our travel agencies organize tours for visitors and offers Andaman Holidays to perfect this incredible place.

His trip to this beautiful island can be full of fun and adventure as the place has several beautiful places for tourists. The flora and fauna, diverse and stunning beauty adorned with wonderful hotels in Port Blair to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The Andaman Holidays staff responds to your needs and requirements in the best possible way to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable.